Unleash the Power Within – Four Days of Pure Motivation and Inspiration

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To be honest, I had never heard of this program or this guy before. I had heard some friends talking about Tony Robbins as if he was a guru but never really got in touch with anything he did myself.

When last year in June, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that he got a super early bird ticket for Unleash the Power Within by Tony Robbins, I immediately did some research. And I loved what I was reading and seeing (it was mainly Youtube videos).

Although I got the super early bird price, I still felt like the ticket was pretty expensive: 400 Euro. Everybody who has ever been at a Tony Robbins event will laugh! Normally prices start from 1,000 Euro. I was really lucky!

I had to wait more than half a year after the booking: the event was going to be in February in Singapore.

Unleash the Power Within – The Event

The event consists of four days, normally it starts very early in the morning (around 8am) and finishes between 9pm and midnight. Every day is dedicated to a certain topic:

Day 1 – The Firewalk Experience

Day one is all about bringing yourself in a peak state with a high energy level to make fears no longer be a factor in your life. You learn about how to transform your world and to break the fears that are holding you back. At the end of the day, you will – if you want to – overcome your fears and walk over hot coals. Tony Robbins is on a stage the whole day and even the ones who don’t want to scream and celebrate in the beginning will be so blown away by Tony Robbins’ energy that they will leave being energized and pumped.

Day 2 – The Power of Success Conditioning

This day is led by Joseph McClendon III and is about learning the steps that enable you to change your life. By developing a clear target and mastering the skills of rapport and influence, you can get the most of your effectiveness. On that day, you’re still high from the firewalk experience and from being in a peak state the whole time.

Day 3 – Transformation Day

Transformation day is powerful. You will dance, celebrate, scream, cry. It’s about finding out, which limiting believes are holding you back and about unhooking them. To be honest, I liked the first two days and I had a lot of fun. But day 3 changed my life! I knew that I had limiting believes because I had been doing a life coaching with the amazing coach Nik Wood for more than half a year by then. Transformation Day helped me overcome them.

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Day 4 – 12 Principals of a Vital Life

Again, Joseph McClendon III led through this day, which is all about increasing energy and getting the most of our bodies. We learned about the right nutrition and about psychological strategies to live a vibrant, healthy and vital life.

Unleash the Power Within – My Biggest Take-Aways

#1 It’s all about energy!

Didn’t we all have this thought at least once in our lives: Why is he/she successful and I am not? Tony Robbins is very sure about the answer! It’s energy! Having a high energy level means for him being in a peak state, “Owning” the situation. If you’re already in a low state of energy, you speak with a low voice, you’re not sure about what you’re doing, you’re walking like somebody who doesn’t want to be seen… How can you ever be successful like this? So own it! Go out there, be sure about the outcome of whatever you want to reach, walk upright and speak with a clear and loud voice! You will notice the difference of how people look at you.

#2 You can change your energy by changing your physiology!

That doesn’t mean that you will be in a high-energy state all the time. We all are down sometimes. The key to success is, therefore, to be able to change your energy level whenever this is necessary. One possibility is to change your physiology! If you followed my InstaStories (when you click or go to my Instagram, you can still see the Story) or my Facebook and Twitter feed during Unleash the Power Within, you may have thought that the whole event is nothing than a huge party! Yes, we were partying! Every now and then Tony or the current speaker would make us get up from our seats, hug and high five each other or randomly start laughing and dancing. It does sound weird, I admit it! But try it! You will see that your whole attitude will change after a very short time. It’s impossible to be in a low energy state when you’re dancing, celebrating life and laughing.


#3 What’s making people happy is growth!

I was thinking about what would make me happy for a long time. Is it money? If so, how much do I need to be happy? Is it love? If so, why was I never really happy in a relationship before? Is it connection? Yeah, maybe! That’s why I dance Kizomba. I love the connection to my dancing partner. But Kizomba alone woudn’t make me fully happy – I always needed “more”. This “more” that I was never able to define, is growth. We all need to grow. We will never reach a point in our lives where we can say “I got everything I wanted. I’m done now!” Nope. When you got your first million, you will want the second one. When you found love you want to grow with your partner. When you have a job that you’re passionate about you will want it to be more successful, with more services, products, employees, or whatsoever it is you’re offering.

#4 We have 6 needs!

Tony Robbins identified six needs that every single one of us needs to be covered: certainty, uncertainty, significance, connection, contribution and growth. We need to take care of all of them in order to have a fulfilled life. We normally have one need that is our driving force. You can take a test here to find out which one is yours and what it says about your strengths and weaknesses. Mine is uncertainty. It says:

You need constant change in order to feel truly alive. Variety, excitement, surprise, diversity, challenge: these are your watchwords.

Can you see me – the always wandering nomad in that phrase? I totally can see myself in there! Let me know in a comment what your driving force is…

#5 Build everything from being grateful!

I started writing a daily gratitude journal on January 1st this year. And you know what? I feel so much better since I do it! Because when you start your day with positive things, with everything you’re grateful for, with everything that is going right in your life… Sometimes I’m very specific, sometimes I’m vague and just write that I’m grateful for being healthy. Like this, it’s almost impossible to not start the day with a smile, in a good mood, or, in the best case, in a peak state that will lead you through your day, having a high energy level and making you succeed.

I think that’s enough for now about Tony Robbins… Just a last note: I loved UPW so much that I signed up for the Tony Robbins Mastery University. What about you? Maybe I will see you at one of the seminars in Fiji! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Yours Barbara


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