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In this category, you will find all contributions that have to do with travel hacks. From house-sitting, to finding cheap airfare, to adapting to changing sleeping environments. Here you can find everything I learned in my life as a digital nomad. Also, you will find many guest posts in this category.

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8 Tips for Getting Your First House Sit

HAVE YOU BEEN THINKING OR EVEN TRYING TO GET YOUR FIRST HOUSE SIT BUT DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR PROFILE? THEN THIS POST WITH MY 8 BEST TIPPS IS FOR YOU! Tip #1: Your Profile Slip into the house owner's shoes for a second! They leave their home and their beloved...

Traveling Alone: How do I Plan my First Solo Trip?

Traveling Alone: How do I Plan my First Solo Trip?

Although traveling alone makes people grow and it means ultimate freedom, there are still many people who don't dare to hit the road solely by themselves. People always tell me that I'm so brave... But for me, I'm not. It's just logical to do what you love and what...

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