Low Budget Traveling for Pros: Save Money for Your World Trip in 3 Steps!

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Low Budget Traveling is exactly your thing and you want to save money for a trip around the world? If your bank account is always empty and you don’t know how to pay a trip around the world, you should definitely go on reading!

You can save money for your travels in different ways: Take a moment and think of all the stuff you don’t need anymore. Most people have luxury goods they don’t really need. They have multiple subscriptions for magazines, go to an expensive gym or have a car. Sell everything that you know you will not use anymore or clothes you will never again put on.


Low Budget Traveling & Minimalism

Ask yourself what you really need and be honest. Keep your goal in mind to make it easier. Like this it won’t feel that much as a sacrifice. After a while you will get used to a life of minimalism. Removing everything I don’t need and living out of my backpack changed my life completely!

Actually minimalism is kind of a principle of long-term and world travelers as well as of digital nomads. I didn’t believe at all that I would prefer living out of my backpack in the Golf of Thailand instead of staying at my parents’ place with a huge closets and almost uncountable pairs of shoes in the small town of Kelkheim, close to Frankfurt.

You learn to value whatever you have and be happy with it. True to the motto:

Collect moments, not things!

I summarized in 3 steps how you can start with Low Budget Traveling: Because saving for a trip around the world is not that difficult!


Step 1: Save Before Hitting The Road

It might be surprising that this blog post about low budget traveling actually starts tips for saving money before going on the trip. But in my opinion low budget traveling doesn’t start at the day you’re leaving home. You can easily integrate it into your normal life and make it s kind of philosophy – like I did.


Tidy Out!

Do you really need all those clothes, shoes or books and DVDs? Be honest to yourself and get rid of everything you don’t need anymore. This will bring some cash in and I can assure you that it feels great to tidy out.


Cancel Your Gym Membership!

Reflect if you really need to go to the gym or if it’s possible to do your exercises at home or outdoors for free. There are great apps for that by the way: I am using SEVEN.

Compare Contracts!

Did you ever compare contracts? No matter if it’s for the phone for power or for something else: Consider to switch and you will see that you can save a lot of money with it! It’s really worth trying.


Cancel Subscriptions!

Honestly: Do you need all those magazines and newspaper subscriptions? How often do you read them? If you are true to yourself you will probably admit that it happens that you throw them away without having read them. A waste of paper! And nowadays you can find almost everything online. Even if you pay for that as well it’s probably cheaper and better for the environment!


Step 2: Save When Planning Your Trip

If you know how you can save some money when planning your trip!

Find the Cheapest Flights!

I normally use flights search engines first (Skyscanner, Momondo, Kiwi, Google Flights), to find out which airline has the best deal. Then I switch to the website of that airline and try to book directly at their page. In my experience, you pay even less than what the Search engines said. To find the cheapest flights you should be flexibel regarding date and time and check different airports.


Create an Airbnb account!

Why you can save money with an Airbnb account? Well, with the account you can get awesome deals for your accommodation, but as well sublet your place while being on the road.  

Ask for Travel Gear for Christmas and Your Birthday!

Travel Gear is expensive and will diminish the money you have for traveling already before you leave your house. Start making a wish list with all the gear that is still missing and give it to family and friends before Christmas and your birthday. You make it easy for them to get something that makes you happy and you get something you really need. Win-win, right?


Compare Health Insurances!

The choice of your health insurance is really dependent on your own situation. An insurance that was the best for me could not work for you. For my trip around the world, I had a German insurance called Hanse Merkur that was only covering my stay outside of Germany, the US and Canada. After that I switched to an international insurance based in the UK that is covering all health issues around the world.


Plan to Stay For Some Time!

You can get awesome deals when staying some where for a while. On one hand side hostels offer dorm beds or even private rooms for a fraction of the normal cost. On the other hand side you can get up to 50% discount on Airbnb when staying longer than 28 days.


Step 3: Save During Your Trip!

Let’s talk about the “real” low budget traveling – so about how to save money while traveling.


Go in Hostels!

I know a dorm is nothing that makes a traveler sing from the treetops. But if you need to save money on your trip around the world and you still want to be independent – this is definitely the cheapest option. And it doesn’t need to be the dorm all the time. Hostels do have private rooms that are normally still cheaper than hotel rooms.


Stay Longer in One Place!

Even if you really want to move on, because there is so much to see out there… Try to stay for a while. That’s the only way to get the best deals. If you like a city, why don’t you ask in your hostel if you spontaneously decide to stay for another two weeks?


Search For Deals!

No matter if you are searching for excursion, accommodation or food: it’s always possible to find good deals! You just need to keep your eyes open while traveling the world and be flexible. You will not only save money, but meet locals as well. If you need tips on how to make friends when traveling click here.


Work For Food And Accommodation!

When I was in San Francisco, I realized that I didn’t have enough money to travel New Zealand and Australia. I had two options: Buy my ticket back home or find an alternative. I opted for the alternative and found a family to do WorkAway. I got free accommodation and three meals a day. The positive side effect was that I met wonderful people.


Cook Instead of Going to a Restaurant!

We all love to treat ourselves with some fine, local food in a restaurant or go for street food. Probably it’s not even expensive. But cooking at home is still cheaper. So stay at least every now and then in the hostel and prepare your vegetables that you got at the market. You will still save money.


Those were my 15 tips to save money for a trip around the world! Low budget traveling almost became a part of me and my life after living this lifestyle for more than two years… You can do that, too!

Do you have more tips? Then hit the button and tell me about it in the comment section!

Yours Barbara

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