Beach, Paradise and More – 3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Queensland

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Two of the world’s greatest wonders (and most amazing by the way) are located in the wonderful tropical region in the North-East of Australia. The mesmerizing scenery of Queensland has a lot to offer to adventure-seekers, nature lovers, and digital nomads. From the beautiful sunny beaches of the Sunshine Coast, through Daintree Forest and rugged national parks all the way to the Whitsunday Coast, the most idyllic place in the world, a true paradise on earth will surely take your breath away!

Reason number 1: exploring the Great Barrier Reef

Imagine exploring the world’s biggest reef, the biggest structure made by living organisms and seeing all those amazing creatures in their natural habitat, the marine life just waiting to be explored. Being a digital nomad gives you the opportunity of exploring the place of your dreams while still being able to work undistracted while focusing on meeting the city, culture, and customs.

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You will have the opportunity to see over 400 different kinds of coral, 120-year old clams, over 1500 species of tropical fish, rays, sea turtles and of course – dolphins in your free time. Well, grab your snorkeling gear and start your adventure at the magnificent Great Barrier Reef, the most famous attraction in Queensland! The reef ecosystem spreads over 200 km along the eastern coast and it has over 2900 reefs!

You can choose the town on the East coast from which you want to start exploring the amazing marine life – head to Cairns and choose one of many affordable day trips, go to Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays if you want to sail the reef or visit Townsville and opt for an overnight driving safari for your adventure. There are steady Wi-Fi connections in almost every accommodation that makes this piece of heaven a true heaven on earth for the digital nomads.

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If you are looking for something special wait for the whale-watching season and have an unforgettable experience while watching over 2000 Antarctic whales migrate – swim to the warmer waters of Cairns. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll see the Migaloo and Bahloo – the two white whales!

Reason number 2: living in Brisbane

If you’ve decided on visiting Brisbane and staying for a while you will be glad to hear that the weather will impress you because it has great climate all year round. In less than an hour, you can enjoy your day off on world-class beaches of the amazing Gold Coast, relax in one of the awesome city pubs and restaurants, or enjoy a laid-back day in nature.


The true adventure-seekers should definitely visit the Brisbane’s Story Bridge that offers both an abseil experience and a climb (the only bridge in the world that offer that) where you can take many beautiful photos of the city panorama. Or you can go even higher and visit SkyPoint, Australia’s tallest external building you can climb to.

Use the awesome flatmate finder, rent an apartment and take some time to truly experience the essence of stunning Brisbane. Living in Brisbane has its perks like a stable Wi-Fi connection and many work hubs all around town. Take a break from hard work and experience the adrenaline rush at the Suncorp Stadium while enjoying a game and cheering with the audience, supporting amazing athletes. If you are more of an artistic soul you should head over to the South Bank to explore many museums and galleries. Either way, one thing is certain – you will definitely fall in love with this amazing city!

Reason number 3: finding inspiration Daintree Rainforest

This amazing rainforest stretches over 12 000 km into tropical North Queensland and you will certainly be amazed by its many natural wonders – from dense rainforest to hidden waterfalls all the way to the wonderful sandy beaches and the mesmerizing reef! Take a hiking tour through this stunning place and reconnect with nature that surrounds you. Learn more about native birds, observe ancient trees, experience a whole new, wilder side of life – something so different from the usual working-gym-home lifestyle. Head to the Cape Tribulation if you want day tours if you want to try out kayaking, ocean safaris or explore the dry land.


If you want to explore the essence of Australia’s wildlife – kangaroos, koalas, cassowary’s, crocodiles, opt for a guided walk tour where you can have the first-hand introduction to these amazing species, you will have the chance to feed the animal as well! Visit the Mossman Gorge in Daintree National Park and find out interesting facts about these huge granite boulders. Learn all there is about Australia’s rich indigenous culture and history while exploring these locations.

The best part is that with your job you can do all of these things while still working hard and achieving your goals. No more procrastination or putting things off – you can have it all at once, as long as you have a stable Wi-Fi, a motive to be productive, find inspiration in progress and the stunning natural beauty of the land down under!


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