What Else is Out-there: Travel Australia behind Kangaroos and the Opera House

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When considering places to travel, apart from our needs, we usually look at the things a place has to offer. So, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, London has Big Ben, China has the wall and Australia has kangaroos. As a digital nomad, you may not see Australia as a destination of your choice, particularly since it is so far away and secluded. However, Australia has a lot to offer, so visiting it would definitely be worth the trip and here is why.

Uluru – the evidence of the Dreamtime

Uluru, otherwise known as Ayers Rock, is the second largest rock in the world. Even though it is one of Australia’s most famous sights, it still gets fewer tourists during the season than the coastal metropoles do.

Apart from offering a landscape which looks like it belongs on Mars rather than Earth, Uluru is a cradle of Aboriginal culture. This is a sacred place created by their ancestors during the Dreamtime, which is what they now call the creation of the universe. Among many other inspiring stories ancient cultures have to tell, Aboriginals are said to have mastered telepathy. This is fascinating! You can visit the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park where this beautiful rock formation is located.

There are a lot of tracks available in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, however, the walk around the Uluru base is the most impressive one. Also, it is 10 km long and most of the tourists give up quite quickly which allows you to enjoy the track with others looking for serenity.

Furthermore, not to forget, there are plenty of accommodation facilities in the area, including the nearby town of Yulara, only about 3 km away from the rock. The accommodation varies from serviced rooms to luxurious resorts, and most importantly, they offer a steady Wi-Fi connection and a quiet place to work from.

New Govardhana Hare Krishna Farm

Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia is one of the most beautiful places to live at. This is a beautiful coastal urban area with some of the world’s most pristine beaches. Yet again, it can get crowded leaving you without a nice place to work at and no opportunity to relax.

If you are looking into laying low and blowing off some steam, you are more than welcome to visit New Govardhana Hare Krishna farm in Murwillumbah area in New South Wales, only about one hour away from Gold Coast. Even though Hare Krishna is a religious group and there is a temple on the premises, you are by no means obliged to attend the services. Enjoy the serenity and the nature while working in the vegetable gardens and orchards, or preparing meals and festival decorations.

Since the farm work starts early and ends before the Sun gets high up in the sky, you are left with plenty of time to visit the local river or one of the national parks in the area. The farm can accommodate only about 30 tourists at one time, which means no crowd. Your work may suffer a bit though as there is no Wi-Fi available in the rooms, but only at the temple office, although it is available on request so you can take care of any matters of priority.

Springbrook National park, Queensland

One of the best things about Australia is its variety in every field, particularly nature. Once again, we are taking a break from busy Gold Coast to visit one of the national parks surrounding it.

Springbrook national park is an area covered in Rainforest. It is famous for its springs and waterfalls everywhere, as well as amazing hills and rock formations. The water has created its most famous feature, a natural bridge. There are plenty of walking tracks so booking walking holidays in the area is a friendly piece of advice to those looking for peace and quiet.

After you spend your days in the rainforest surrounded by waterfalls and wildlife, you can retreat to one of its many accommodation facilities offered with the holiday pack. You can use a balcony in the middle of the rainforest as your office for these couple of days.

Bibbulmun Track, Western Australia

The track goes down the coastline from Kalamunda, just outside Perth, to Albany far down on the South coast, that is, some 1000km away. The track is divided into 9 stages, going from one town to another. As this will take you about a month to complete, it is good to know that accommodation is widely available alongside the track so you can find something with the internet access and work away.

Apart from the accommodation, there are plenty of sites to visit on the way and things to learn. Even if you do not decide to turn from the track you will still get to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the cliffs, coastline, beaches, and forests.

All of these are designed to provide an active holiday which will truly allow you to relax, as well as do some work. The more tired your body feels during the day, the better you will sleep at night and get a chance to unwind by digging deeper under the surface of the land down under.

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