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TravTribe is building a technology that pays you to travel. The founders are nomads who are truly passionate about travelers’ lifestyle. The company is publishing a book to introduce the tribe to the world and highlight the value of nomadic lifestyle. So they are searching for 25 travelers to get featured on the book. You can submit an entry to get featured!

Shar says “Many successful entrepreneurs found their passion or business idea through travel, Tom Hale founder of BackRoads, for example, or Phil Knight founder of Nike. ‘Nomads of 2017’ features such influencers to highlight how traveling changes one’s life. But it will also feature current nomads to highlight the traveler mindset and values. Together we will inspire more travel-dreamers to step out of their comfort zone to experience the world.”

‘Nomads of 2017’ features globetrotters and shares travel stories that turn a non-traveler into a traveloholic. The contest starts on August 1st. You can submit an entry for a chance to become one of the book’s faces.

Click here to enter the contest for the book.

“Traveling is not only going from point A to point B. It is about adopting a new culture, learning a new tradition, rethinking one’s lifestyle in every step. A traveler gets comfortable with uncertainty and change. This transforms one into losing biases and feeling at home in an unknown culture. Nomads come to know the world inside out. But it’s not only the traveler’s attitude that we adore, it’s also their aptitude. Travelers are peace builders almost without recognizing it:

By making a new friend, a traveler crosses a border,

By sharing a travel story, a traveler removes someone’s biases.

Travelers change the world. They experience it inside-out and share those experiences through exciting stories that spread the awesomeness and turns the world inside-out for others.”

TravTribe technology is an AI powered media platform that generates income by distributing nomads’ tips and experiences to various traveler niche markets.

“Our mission is to empower more people to become travelers. We are using technology to create solutions that turn every travel-lover into a traveler. This is a movement for nomadic travelers that gathered a tribe of nomads. Be part of this movement and join the borderless lifestyle. Because traveling not only enriches your life, it also brings you tools and experiences to empower those around you.”

Shar Behzadian & Jerry McCann, Co-founders of TravTribe

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