My Travel Resources

You are wondering what kind of resources I use as a travel blogger that could work for you, too? I have the perfect list for you: This is a resource list of everything I use – for bookings, for photography or about the apps I use!

Searching Flights

Airfare Search Sites

I normally use Google FlightsSkyscanner, Momondo, or Kiwi to search for flights. I watch them there and can even put alerts if I want to get informed in case the price changes.

Website of the airline

If I know which airline is the best for a specific route, very often I check directly on their website. In Europe I normally search on or in Asia on

To Book my Accommodation 


This is a perfect possibility to find a room, an apartment or a whole house and live true to the motto “Live Like a Local”.

House Sitting

I love house sitting! First of all, it allows me to stay in a whole apartment or house for free, which is amazing. Second, for me it’s terrible disadvantage of being a nomad to not have a pet. That’s why house sitting for me is just perfect!


TripAdvisor is a great platform for reviews and for bookings! Try it next time you have to book your accommodation!


Do you love the atmosphere in hostels? I totally know what you mean… Then go directly to Hostelworld and book your bed or private room there!

What do I Pack?

Gear kleiner

Do you want to know what’s in my backpack? No problem! I wrote a blog post about it – including a video, in which I show you how I put all my travel gear in my two backpacks.

And here are my favorite pieces in my backpack. Most of all I love my Noise Cancelling Headphones* and don’t go anywhere without them!

What do I use for my Travel Photography?

My cameras

I take my photos with a Sony Alpha 6500*. It is small and light, so it is ideal for traveling. I love the touch screen and the possibility to transfer my photos on the spot with Wi-Fi. It’s the ideal solution for me. Alternatively, I actually sometimes take photos with my mobile phone. Since I got the iPhone 11 Pro*, it’s a good solution for not having to carry the camera around all the time.

My lenses

I usually switch between my two favorite lenses: a 10-18mm wide-angle lens* and a 30mm fixed focal length*. I’d say that on my blog, 90 percent of the photos are taken with the wide-angle lens. To complete the family, I have ordered a 16mm fixed focal length*, which I still have to try out, but will certainly use a lot.

My tripods

In case you wondered how I take pictures of myself even though I travel a lot by myself: I have a Rollei tripod* for short trips and specific photo tours. I also have a Rollei travel tripod and a Rollei Monkey Pod* for long hikes.

Photo editing

I then usually edit the photos in Adobe Lightroom. The fastest and easiest way to do this is with the app on my mobile phone. From there I can upload the edited photos to my social media channels. You can do the editing on the computer, of course, but I find it more convenient on my mobile phone.

What Kind of Travel Insurance do I have?

At least in Germany, people ask me a lot about my travel insurance. In the beginning of my life as a nomad I had a normal travel insurance like this one: World Nomads*. It’s perfect if you’re traveling long-term and you can even make the contract while on the road (which is not always possible). But I wanted an insurance that covers the whole world, including my home country! So I switched to an international insurance that allows me to move wherever I want whenever I want. I don’t need to tell them where I’m going and when I want to be at home. If I want to fly to Germany to see my family the next day, I can do it without any problem. That was important to me.

Internet on the Road – How Does This Work?


Nowadays, Wi-Fi is available almost everywhere! When I arrive at an airport, I can normally log in to the airport’s Wi-Fi to tell my family back home that I arrived safe and sound. When I choose my accommodation the first thing I check is the WI-Fi speed. Dubai offers free Wi-Fi in all metro station for example. You register once and can log in every time you’re waiting for the metro!

Mobile Internet

Even if I know that Wi-Fi will be available wherever I go: I need mobile internet! That’s why usually the first thing I do in a new country is getting a sim card. I ask for the best carrier for data packages if I didn’t do any research in advance and know already which carrier I want. Sometimes those data sim cards are really cheap: In Indonesia I paid 10 Euro for 25GB, in Thailand 20 Euro for 10GB. In Dubai though it was super expensive: I paid 30 Euro for only 1GB!


My newest device is a GlocalMe*! It creates a Wi-Fi network for me and let’s me buy data packages. Here in Asien for example I paid 8 Euro for a package that is valid in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. It has only 1 GB, but at least I can go online everytime I want even without my local sim card and I didn’t have to buy a new sim card immediately when I arrived in a new country. Another practical feature is the sim card slot.

What are my Favorite Apps?


Couchsurfing, Airbnb, HostelBookers, Hostelworld, Booking, TripAdvisor


Google Maps, Uber, Grab, Rome2Rio (Tells You All Possibilities and Approximate Costs to Get From A to B), Kayak, Skyscanner, Momondo, AirAsia, Ryanair


Trello (ToDo-List und Task Management), Drive (Online Storage), Pocket (Save Articles to Read Offline Later), Splitwise (Sharing the Bill? Don’t Loose Track About Who Has to Pay What!), CamCard (Scan a Business Card), Triposo (Guide, Maps, Usefull Information About the Place), Wallet (Keep Track of All Your Tickets), Google Photos (Synchronize Your Photos and Have an Online Backup)


Seven (7-Minutes-Workout), HeadSpace (Guided Meditation)


Photo and Video Editing

Foodie (For Great Food Photography), Snapseed (Photo Editing App), iMovie (Video Editing App), VSCO (Photo Editing App), Lightroom (Photo Editing App)


More Apps

SpeedTest (Test the Wi-Fi Speed), VPN (Secure Your Connection), WiFi Map Free (Searching For Free Wi-Fi? Get Passwords Here!), Currency (Currency Converter)


PS: All links accompanied by an asterisk (*) are affiliate links!

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