The Most Beautiful Sunset – Angkor Wat in Cambodia

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Seeing the sunset over the largest temple site of the world – in Angkor in Cambodia… This was on my bucket list for South East Asia. And it was actually my only “must-see”!

I’m completely in love with sunsets! I can’t get enough of seeing them and watching photos of them! And probably one of the reasons to become a digital nomad was to be able to see more beautiful sunsets over the ocean and to choose from where I want to work by picking the best sunset spots around the world…

That’s why I started a new series of blog posts with my most beautiful sunsets!

Here is part one: Sunset in Cabarete

One of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen was in Angkor in Cambodia!

I had only a one-day ticket, but I had heard from another traveler that you can go to see the sunset on the evening before the day you visit the site. I got picked up by a tuk tuk at 4 PM and we went first to get my ticket (tickets for the next day are available from around 4:30 PM) and then to the small hill, which is ideal for watching the sunset.

It was so crowded that I almost missed it. You have to go on a temple to be able to see over the top of the trees of the rainforest. Unfortunately, there is a limit for people allowed on there, so you need a bit of luck to get inside at the right time!

When the sun suddenly ended up behind the clouds, most of the people thought that there was nothing more to see. That’s why it was my turn to enter and I could admire this beautiful sunset in Angkor!

Sunset in Angkor


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