The Coolest Neighborhoods in Sydney for Digital Nomads

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Is there anything better than traveling? Well, YES! Traveling while working! That means you can stay in a place as long or as short as you want and lead an adventurous life of a digital nomad without stressing about your budget. If you are tired of the same old routine, working 9 to 5 in a plain office and living in the same old boring apartment – it is time to start a life-changing journey and change your old ways.

And a perfect country to start exploring as a digital nomad – Australia for sure. Here’s why!

Reason #1 Bondi Beach

Bondi is one of the most accessible beaches in the Sydney with its golden sands and amazing blue water. If you want to change your life and live near the ocean then this is the perfect place for you! The best part is that buses pass near the beach every couple of minutes so you’ll basically eco-travel to the beach if you choose a place located a bit farther.

Bondi beach Sydney

The Bondi Beach is Australia’s most famous beach and it stretches for over a kilometre. It’s big, it’s busy, it’s touristy, it has a lot of bars and cafes and it is perfect for all the digital nomads out there loving the hustle and bustle of busy city life! You will never feel alone living in the Bondi Beach area.

Bondi Sydney

If you find it easy to concentrate on the work, you can bring your laptop and work in a local beach cafe. If not, you can always head to Bondi Wholefoods and enjoy free wifi, amazing, healthy foods and covered open-air space with lots of fresh air. Make it an office for a day, complete the work tasks and head to the beach to make the most of your day!

Reason #2 Surry Hills

Surry Hills is an inner-city suburb in the state of New South Wales and it is Sydney’s main centre for fashion wholesale activities. Fashionistas gather round – it’s time to choose Surry Hills as your and your wardrobes residence! The best part about Surry Hills is that it has a lot to offer – the peace and quietness as well as the lively nightlife! By day it is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Sydney, known as a creative hub where many of the biggest media companies work. It is inspiring for the young digital nomads because this part of the city has a great working atmosphere behind every corner and in every cafe.

Surry Hills Sydney

It is a perfect place to live and work for a while since when the night falls, it a whole different story. The underground parties, in a quiet residential area, create a perfect combo for young digital nomads who love to party and yet love their sleep!

Head to the About Life café and settle in for a productive workday! You will love the spacious ‘work’ areas where you will easily meet all your deadlines while enjoying organic food!

Reason #3 The Lower North Shore

The Lower North Shore is a home to some of the most amazing suburbs in Sydney such as Neutral Bay, Lavender Bay, Milsons Point and Crows Nest. Crows Nest has been identified as Sydney’s most liveable spot and it’s a great hotspot and a meeting point for business people as well. If you opt for a peaceful place to stay near the important business events then accommodation in Crows Nest is just perfect for you.

Wendys secret garden Sydney

If you need to relax after work you can find peace in the famous parks such as Sydney Harbour National Park and the Lane Cove National Park. The Lower North Shore region is home to hundreds of parks and reserves, and one of the most beautiful is Wendy’s Secret Garden located in the Lavender Bay. The amazing scenery and the story behind creating this astonishing place will leave you breathless.

Reason #3 Darlinghurst

This amazing flamboyant corner of Sydney has completely reinvented itself and left its shady reputation far behind. The wonderful Darlinghurst nowadays is famous for the annual Mardi Gras parades that take over the Oxford Street and breathe life in the city with its liveliness and colors.

Darlinghurst Sydney for digital nomads

As soon as you step into Darlo you will feel the laid-back vibe and you will discover the perfect hideout for the working crowd. If you’re looking for a fun place to start your journey, well, Darlo is a heaven for digital nomads. Make sure to stop by the Oxford Art Factory and let the art take your breath away! That is the spot where entertainment comes alive and you can see some of the best works from the art world.

Bring your work with you to White Carrots and make it an office for the day. You can enjoy a delicious old-school dishes from the quiet kitchen that makes it the perfect spot to push through a last-minute deadline without being disturbed.

This is just the beginning of a very long list of beautiful places around Australia where you can start your life-changing journey while working. There are many amazing places, vibrant neighbourhoods nestled in hidden parts of the amazing Land Down Under but it is up to you to discover them and truly experience them. It is time to be bold, and do something about your life!

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