Sunrise Over the Dead Sea – One of my Most Beautiful Sunsets

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The sunrise over the Dead Sea from the fortress of Masada was just incredible!

Normally, I’m crazy in love with sunsets! I can’t get enough of seeing sunsets and watching photos of them! And probably one of the reasons to become a digital nomad was to be able to see more beautiful sunsets over the ocean and to choose from where I want to work by picking the best sunset spots around the world…

That’s why, a few months ago, I started a series on sunsets around the world that I liked most:

Here is part one: Sunset in Cabarete

And part two: Sunset in Angkor

This is part three: Sunset in Flores

Part four: Sunset in Isola delle Femmine

Part five: Sunset in Kuala Lumpur

But, unfortunately,  I haven’t seen many sunrises in my life.

This is part one of my sunrise series: Sunrise in Budapest

And here is part two: Sunrise in Angkor

So one of the most beautiful sunsets was the one I saw from the fortress of Masada over the Dead Sea!

At 3:30 AM was the pick-up to go to the fortress of Masada. Half awake, half asleep the 90 minutes drive went by quickly and was still pitch-black outside when we arrived. Just a little later, dawn was there and I could slowly see the outlines of the mountain in the dark – I still used my flashlamp though. With every step, it got brighter and brighter until I could finally see the Dead Sea in the distance. A 45 minutes hike and 750 steps later, I saw the sun rising behind the mountain, flooding the Dead Sea with warm daylight. I will never forget this moment!



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