Road Tripping in Germany – My Cross-country Adventure

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Being able to travel and make a living in the process is a blessing I vowed to nurture. A blessing I vowed never to let go to waste. And so, from the sunny, honey-hued beaches of New Caledonia, all across Indochina and the Far East, I made my way to one of the cultural hubs of Europe – Germany.

This place is something truly special. I can’t say that I would make a permanent base here, simply because I’m more of a lay-on-the-beach with a margarita in my hand kind a gal, but I will say that my German escapade was an amazing experience, and definitely one of the best digital nomad destinations I’ve had the pleasure to visit. Without further ado, here’s my month-long adventure in Germany.

Image 2 Germany

It all began in Berlin

Ah, Berlin. The party central of Europe, or so I’ve heard. Naturally, my adventure began with a gentle touchdown at Berlin Tegel Airport, from which I took a shuttle to the metro station. From the very first moment, I could tell that this place was a digital nomad wonderland.

Everyone and everything here is high-tech, even the centuries-old heritage buildings and the historic museums scattered around the city center – or Mitte, as it’s called. Although the city is rich with amazing hotels and hostels, I chose to book an Airbnb in the Kreuzberg district as a spur-of the moment decision. The next week was all about exploration, so if you want to follow in my footsteps, be sure to hit the Museum of Technology and the entire Museum Island. Don’t forget to visit the iconic Brandenburg Gate and the expansive Tiergarten – a huge part that’s home to the Berlin Zoo.

Image 3 Berlin Germany

Dresden – a museum in the open

Germany is a big country, but I wouldn’t consider myself a traveler if I simply flew everywhere, so naturally, I rented a car (I felt obligated to choose an eco-vehicle in such a clean country), and headed south towards Dresden.

I must say, nothing could have prepared me for the sheer and unencumbered beauty of the setting I was driving into. Everything here is Old Town, every building is of historic significance, and every cobble-stoned street has a story to tell. Well, naturally I went to all the museums, and so should you, but I also spent my time wandering around, soaking in the magnificence of its architecture. Be sure to climb to the top of Frauenkirche for some spectacular views of the city.

Image 4 Dresden Germany

Off to Munich!

Nope, I didn’t stick around for too long in Dresden, I figured that a couple of days were enough to experience most of its vibrant essence. And besides, Munich was the city I was most eager to visit, and spend most of my time in. For two whole weeks I planned to wander around this multicultural gem, and I was not disappointed in my decision.

Now, I feel it’s important that I mention that you need to come prepared when you’re staying this long in a European country. You will need to communicate with the outside world and it’s important to have a sim card in your phone or use a MiFi device in order to avoid outrageous charges and effectively assimilate yourself in the community. This is not only important for getting around Munich and Germany but the European Union in general.

Now that that’s out of the way, you can enjoy Munich for all it’s worth. I suggest finding a comfy working spot – this can be a pub or a coworking space, whichever you’re most comfortable with. I will say this, though, pubs in Munich are constantly bustling with cheer and excitement, so you might have a difficult time concentrating. I know I did.

For the most part, I worked in my Airbnb. As for sightseeing, you’ve got a long stroll ahead of you. Visit the Alte Pinakothek as well as the Naue Pinakothek, and then make your way to the Neues Rathaus. If you’re a nature lover like myself, then you’ll want to take an entire day to explore the expansive Englischer Garten Park.

Image 5 Munich Germany

Frankfurt and its unique modern feel

I could talk about Munich for hours and hours, but let’s wrap it up with my last destination of this grand escapade – the bustling modern city of Frankfurt. Home to the European Central Bank (so ugly you need to see it for yourself) and the birthplace of Goethe, Frankfurt is definitely a place that can appeal to all types of travelers.

It’s especially appealing to digital nomads, as they’re not only flocking to this technological gem of a city from around the world, but again, everything is so connected and futuristic here. Aesthetically, I prefer traditional architecture, but when we are talking about functionality, Frankfurt may very well be the digital nomad hub of Europe. You’re bound to have an amazing time here with some of the sharpest minds hailing from every industry, so don’t be afraid to seek them out at coworking spaces, nomad hubs, and of course, conferences and meetups.

Image 6 Frankfurt Germany


A few parting words

Germany is a digital nomad wonderland. It’s definitely one of the most diverse cultural settings I’ve ever been in, and the architectural wonders I’ve laid my eyes on are something I’ll never forget. I encourage you to put Germany high on your travel bucket list, and even follow in my footsteps if you’re in search of some urban adventures.

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