Which One Fits Me? Testing Four Osprey Backpacks!

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I’ve been traveling with my Osprey Farpoint 40 for about two years. It was love at first sight and I always enjoyed traveling with it. But this year, I wanted more space. Since I started dancing Kizomba, I am on road with a lot more clothes and also with several pairs of dancing shoes and the 40l backpack just got too small. That’s why I tried four completely different backpacks from Osprey. Here is my overview:


Osprey Sojourn 60 – For everybody who needs a bit more space

The Sojourn* has 60 liters and is a trolley, but you can unpack the hidden straps and use it as a backpack. It’s the perfect size for me when I’m in Asia. Everything fits in there! I also really like the structure: The main compartment doesn’t seem so big at first but really offers a lot of space. It has two smaller pockets on both long sides and in the lid. This is really practical and I use it to structure things I take with me. That way I always know what’s where and I can quickly get the things I need.

In addition, the Sojourn has a compartment on the top when it’s upright. It’s great for storing things you don’t want to put in your handbag or pocket, but you want to have them somewhere where you can quickly reach them. What makes it irreplaceable to me:

  • the above-mentioned compartments
  • the size so I can take anything I want with me
  • the hidden straps that make carrying the bag much easier in certain situations

The only negative point for me is that the bag, when standing, is exactly where my hands are, when I just let them go. Now you’re probably wondering why that’s a disadvantage. Very simple: If I have to carry the bag, for example, on a staircase, I have to lift it while angling my arms. That’s pretty exhausting. But I can’t blame Osprey for not being taller. And in an emergency, I can still turn the bag into a backpack.

Osprey Farpoint 40 – Practical for every trip

As the name suggests, the Farpoint 40* has 40 liters. It still complies with the guidelines for hand luggage and although I would not have thought so at the beginning, I never had to check it in. Unless I wanted to.

There are two compartments: The main compartment, which has another pocket in the “lid” – and a laptop compartment in the front, in which cables and the like can also be stored. The backpack straps can be hidden to turn the backpack into a large carrying bag. There is also a belt, which you can attach when you hide the straps. This function is especially useful when you check the backpack instead of taking it as hand luggage. The straps can quickly get jammed in the baggage claims. This happened to me on my first trip to Israel in Tel Aviv at the airport. The only way was to cut it off… Therefore, I can only advise you to hide your straps if you do not want to take the backpack as hand luggage. What makes it irreplaceable to me:

  • the compartments
  • the size

Osprey Daylite Plus – Ideal for day trips

This daypack Daylite Plus* is great for all kinds of excursions. Because there is also a laptop compartment, I already used it when I went coworking. It offers just enough space for everything you need. If you want to take a lot with you, this backpack is probably not your first choice. My camera just fits in there when I’m on tour with all my cables and case with the electrical stuff.

The best thing for me, though, is that I can attach it in front of the sojourn. So it doesn’t take up extra space and I don’t have to take it with me as hand luggage backpack. What makes it irreplaceable to me:

  • the size
  • the possibility of attaching it to the Soujourn

Osprey Utralight Stuff Pack – Your friend in emergency situations

I had the Ultralight Stuff Pack* with me on my Croatia tour because it is so flexible that it was ideal for the motorcycle tour. You can fold it up and make it very small. So it fits in every pocket. Or you can use it as a daypack. I’ve had my MacBook and all my electronics in it for 3 weeks now. Although I was a bit skeptical at the beginning whether it could survive the almost 10 kg, it completely convinced me of its durability.

Whether you want to always have it with you in case of an emergency or as a main backpack on a minimalist motorcycle tour… I have always been able to rely on this backpack. Which makes it irreplaceable to me:

  • the size
  • it’s super handy
  • the durability


Final Thoughts

Believe it or not: Since I am now building a base in Chiang Mai and will take quite a lot with me, I decided to take all four with me on my next trip. They are all simply unique and for me in their own way irreplaceable. So I can decide for my shorter trips within Asia which backpack fits best to the corresponding trip!

PS: I got the backpacks (except from the Farpoint 40) for free to test them. My opinion remains my own though and is not influenced by this collaboration.

PPS: All links with an asterisk (*) are affiliate links.

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