Karte Weltreise

My trip around the world – on the 5th of November of 2014 I started my trip!

I was working on it for five years: an eight months trip with a Round the World Ticket.

The stops that I booked in advance were the following:

  • 5th of November       Frankfurt – São Paulo
  • 28th of January         São Paulo – Washington D.C.
  • 16th of February       Washington D.C. – San Francisco
  • 10th of March            San Francisco – Auckland
  • 31st of March             Auckland – Sydney
  • 20th of April              Sydney – Bangkok
  • 2nd of June                Bangkok – Colombo
  • 20th of June               Colombo – Frankfurt

Apart from this I wanted to travel as spontaneously as possible. After so many years in Germany where everything was super structured, I wanted to wake up and just decide then what to do!

I was planning to work and earn some money translating and blogging. And that worked out well!

BarbaraRiedel Cover en Front

8 Months – 13 Countries – 4 Continents

Do you know my book „My Trip Around the World – A Dream Come True“? If you like my blog, you will love this book. Have a look inside on Amazon!

„My Trip Around the World – A Dream Come True“ is about the ups and downs of my world trip. I had been collecting air miles for 5 years in order to get a round the world ticket. This enabled me to travel to 13 countries on 4 continents with countless cities. This book is for all the globetrotters, travel enthusiasts and everybody, who wants to join me on my trip around the world.


Excerpt from the book

My world trip started on the 5th of November 2014. However, the story behind the story began much earlier. On which day exactly I can’t remember but it was about two weeks before Christmas 2009. That was the year of my semester abroad, which I spent in Florence and my internship abroad which I spent in Salamanca and also the year in which I flew further than ever before. For February 2010 I had booked my very first flight to America – and thus earned quite a few miles with Miles & More.
A family friend was visiting as I aired my frustration out loud: I felt certain that despite the many flights I had taken I would still not have enough miles in time to redeem them against flights. With the standard Miles & More Card collected miles expire after three years.
“Then get yourself a Miles & More Credit Card“ the friend proposed, “That way you earn additional miles every time you use it – and what’s more, they don’t expire!”
That was the answer to a Maiden’s prayer!


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