The Muir Woods National Monument – Magical Moments in a Sea of Trees

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Muir Woods National Monument is a protected area for coastal sequoia trees about 20 km north of San Francisco.

Coastal sequoia trees or redwoods are the highest trees in the world and can reach up to 115 m in height. At Muir Woods National Monument, the highest trees are about 80 meters high.

Red Woods im Muir Woods National Monument

Within this park there are several trails. The signage here was much better than at Yosemite National Park, so that I could deliberately choose the longest trail (about 2.5 hours, the shortest trail was signposted with half an hour). I admit, one reason why I chose this trail was because of his name: Ocean View!

Unfortunately, I didn’t know that the name comes from the fact that once a fire had opened the view up to the ocean. Luckily, the trees have grown again today. But because of this the sea is no longer visible.

The climb was more or less steep. It took me about 1.5 hours to reach my destination. On the way, I enjoyed the peace and the special energy of this place. It is amazing how peaceful you feel in such a place. Did you ever experience something like this?

Red Woods im Muir Woods National Monument

Red Woods im Muir Woods National Monument


What would these hundreds of years old trees tell us if they were able to speak?

Then, I slowly made my way through the woods and out “of the sea”.

Muir Woods National Monument

From above I could see the Muir Woods National Monument – what a peaceful place! It was a wonderful day…

And a fantastic view!

Muir Woods National Monument

Afterwards, I went back to the cool thicket. Also in summer the dense redwoods let only little sunlight through, so that it is always much cooler there. So don’t forget to bring layers to not get cold. You spend most of your time in the woods anyway.

An hour later, I arrived back where I had started.

The main path, from which all trails start, leads along a stream, which creates a pleasant and almost meditative atmosphere through its quiet but constant splashing…

Red Woods im Muir Woods National Monument

The sequoia trees reinforce this feeling. I could have spent much more time here.

Red Woods im Muir Woods National Monument

Even those who are not so close to nature will feel something magical here – between the 500 to 700 year old trees – which the mind cannot understand and will never understand and which hopefully (!) will last for many more hundred years and will survive the age of humans.

Have you ever stood in front of these gigantic trees and even been able to touch them?

I think it’s only possible to understand their size and greatness when seeing it with your own eyes.

What do you think?

Yours Barbara

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