My Most Beautiful Sunset Part 3 – Flores in Guatemala

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One of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen was in Flores in Guatemala!

I’m completely in love with sunsets! I can’t get enough of seeing them and watching photos of them! And probably one of the reasons to become a digital nomad was to be able to see more beautiful sunsets over the ocean and to choose from where I want to work by picking the best sunset spots around the world…

That’s why I started a new series of blog posts with my most beautiful sunsets!

Here is part one: Sunset in Cabarete

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One of the most beautiful sunsets: Flores in Guatemala!

I actually just went on the rooftop of my hotel to do a little workout. I just arrived on that day and ahead of me were 10 days traveling Guatemala. But I didn’t expect a view that beautiful!

So I ran back to my room to get my camera. It was too gorgeous!

While I do my squats I can’t stop watching the sun getting close to the horizon. My phone is doing a timelapse of it. What I love most are the small boats running between Flores and the small island in the middle of the lake. In the video, it looks like they are little ants at work.

After the sun is going, I sit there for a while and think about life. Perhaps that’s the kind of sunset that we like to remember afterward: The ones we enjoy in silence The ones that we immerse ourselves into. The ones that we enjoy even after the sun is gone until the last echo of it has disappeared.