Make Friends When Traveling – That’s How it Works!

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Do you want to make friends when traveling? You are planning a long trip, but you are afraid of being lonely? You think you will not meet other people?

Every traveler had those fears once!

But we all realized that it normally doesn’t take a lot of time to meet people and make friends when traveling. That’s why I collected my best tips for you.

But before we start with the tips, let me tell you that your travel experience is highly connected to the people you meet and you spend time with on the road.

Because it’s the people who make your travel experience.

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#1 Power Plugs

We all know the problem: You arrive to the hostel after some hours in a bus and the first thing you want to do is charge your phone… But: There is only one power plug in the entire dorm! If you want to make friends when traveling always carry a multi socket or power strip to share!


#2 Repellent

You are talking to somebody when you realize “fuck! I am getting eaten by myriads of mosquitos!”. Wouldn’t you just love the person who saves you by giving you repellent? Exactly! That’s why people will love you when you always have a repellent at hand.


#3 Sunscreen

We love her, but sometimes she is burning like hell: the sun! Some people ALWAYS forget to bring sunscreen. If you can share yours, people will not leave you for the rest of the day!


#4 After Sun

People spend their days at the beach and go back to the hostel in the afternoon. As soon as they look in the mirror they see the red stripes that will 100 % hurt the next day! There is only one solution: After Sun! If you have a bottle, people will love your for sharing!


#5 Offer to Cook

You like cooking? Perfect! Within minutes you will be the best liked person in the hostel if you offer to prepare dinner for the people you just met!


#6 Offer to Wash the Dishes

You prepared dinner for yourself in the hostel and then joined some others who were eating as well? If you offer in the end to wash the dishes, you will score sympathy points!


#7 Offer a Beer

I don’t drink alcohol. That’s why I never tried this one. But I am sure it works quite well. When you get a beer for yourself, buy one or two more! Then offer the other one to somebody you want to start a conversation with. You will not be alone on that evening!

Those were my top 7 tricks to make friends when traveling!

Yours Barbara

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