Lagoons and Beaches in the Dominican Republic

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My first blog post about a Caribbean island is about the Dominican Republic!

If somebody told me that one year ago, I wouldn’t have believed it. I always thought that I would write about Cuba first. But now I am here thanks to the Nomad Cruise and will call the Dominican Republic home for at least one month.

Lagunen und Strände in der Dominikanischen Republik – Barbara am Playa Grande


Lagoons and Beaches in the Dominican Republic?

You have probably heard of the beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic. But did you know that there are amazing lagoons as well? They remember me of the Cenotes in Mexico where I’ve been in April of 2016. I unfortunately can’t compare the underwater world – probably there is a difference between a Cenote and a lagoon… But from the outside they look both like from a fairy tail.

I have seen one lagoon, in which it’s possible to do snorkeling and even diving! The highlight is a zipline from where you jump down when you reach the center of the lagoon.


Laguna Dudu

The Laguna Dudu actually consists of two lagoons and one dripstone cave called Cueva Taina.

laguna dudu

steg luguna dudu


The bigger one of the two lagoons has the zipline that is going over the almost circular lagoon in a height of 13 meters. When you arrive the center of the lagoon you jump or fall into the refreshing water.

zipline laguna dudu

There is huge patch of grass between the two lagoons. Around it there are several hammocks to enjoy the sun or the shade – whatever you like best.

The entrance is only 50 DOP, which was around 1 Euro in December 2016. If you want to jump down the zipline you don’t need to pay extra.


Playa Grande

The next stop was Playa Grande. Only half an hour driving from Laguna Dudu, there is the really big beach Playa Grande.

When we arrived with around 40 people, everybody was super hungry. Unfortunately, it took us almost two hours until we had gotten and eaten our lunch. Too many people… That’s why I could only take a few photos and didn’t have time to wander around.

playa grande

playa grande

But I am sure I would have loved it there!


Playa Diamante

The cute and small beach Playa Diamante is almost hidden in the forest. Our bus couldn’t get close due to bad street conditions so we had to walk for some minutes.

This beach reminded me of the beaches in Koh Samui!

playa diamante

Here as well, I could have stayed an entire day. Relaxing and enjoying the weather. People told me that the water is quite flat for a while and that you can almost walk outside of the bay. Round the corner there are cliffs to jump down. But I didn’t go into the water since I was walking around with my GoPro filming for this video that is showing our day at Laguna Dudu, Playa Grande and Playa Diamante:

Lagoons & Beaches, Dominican Republic 2016, Nomad Excursions

Did you know those lagoons and beaches in the Dominican Republic? Then hit the button and tell me about it in the comments!

Yours Barbara

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