Coboat #2 – Seven Days Island Hopping in Greece

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It’s many people’s dream to do island hopping in Greece!

At the end of June, beginning of July, I spent an emotional week on Coboat. Today, I want to present you the trip with the catamaran from island to island!


Island Hopping in Greece



We started our journey in Lemnos. The plan was to leave on the last Saturday of June. But the wind wasn’t on our side. So we learned from the very beginning: Everything depends on the wind!

CoBoat in Lemnos - Island Hopping in Greece

The wind was way to strong to start. That’s why we spent our first day in and around the harbour.

Hafen Lemnos

No problem for me! Why? Because right at the harbour there was a ruin of a castle waiting for me to come!

Burg Lemnos

Burg im Sonnenlicht Lemnos

Climbing the hill took me around 15 minutes. Although the wind was strong even on land, I could hear the chirping of crickets.

The air was shimmering in the greek heat.

Weg zur Burg Lemnos

But it was worth sweating for this beautiful view:

Blick auf die Bucht Lemnos


We spent the evening hours in the fascinating and traditional streets of this small town.

Weiß-blaues Haus auf Lemnos


Altes Haus auf Lemnos



We could use the WIFI of a close café to work in the morning hours. At sea we only had limited data. Right for lunch we set sail for the first time and left Lemnos.

Our destination was Lesbos – a six hours sail away.

The wind was still strong but we were all super happy to be at sea. Everybody made a wish to Poseidon so we would have good weather, and some (like me) added the wish to see a lot of dolphins.

CoBoat Shirt

After some hours the sea started to get rough and we could tell that the catamaran wasn’t gliding through the waves anymore. It started raining.

Awesome start!

One after another went to his or her cabin – we wanted to be alone with our stomaches getting more and more upset. But no worries: There was only one guy throwing up…

Luckily the time went by quickly with my audio book and a little nap. I had a huge smile in my face when we arrived around 9 PM at the harbour of Lesbos.

Im Hafen Lesbos

Berge um Hafen Lesbos

In the morning we went to the Coliving Space Digital Nomads Lesvos, where we spent the rest of the day working.

Ausblick Digital Nomads Lesvos

Barbara Pool Digital Nomads Lesvos schräg

Ok, not ONLY working…



Psara is a remote island with only 350 people living there. In summer you can find some tourist having a really quiet vacation, but most of the year there is nobody else than those 350 locals.

Anca macht ein Foto

The streets and houses are therefor super traditional and cute.

Alter Hauseingang

Kirchturm Psara

Wandmalerei auf Psara

We were just staying for a few hours during the evening and the night.

Enten im Hafen von Psara

CoBoat vor Psara



Mykonos is known for being the party and luxury island of the country. You shouldn’t miss it out!

Although to be honest I didn’t even realize that it’s a party island… But perhaps that’s because of me.

I definitely did realize the posh prices though. No need to come here if you are traveling on a low budget. We have been for example to a bar with this breathtaking view:



But you pay for it. No drink for less than 6 Euro. Not even without alcohol.

That’s why I spent most of my time working on my MacBook. On the last morning (we had been staying on Mykonos for two nights) I did a little road trip with a scooter. Christian had rented one and we decided to explore the island together during the last two hours of our stay.

Blick über Mykonos

Weiß-blaues Haus Mykonos

Strand in Mykonos 2



Our last stop was Paros. I didn’t really see anything else than the two harbors: the one for the sailing boats and the one for the ferry to Athens. The sun was just setting when we arrived to our last destination.

Hafen Paros im Sonnenuntergang

The last dinner was a barbecue at the beach with other digital nomads, who were doing a trip with a catamaran as well.

The most beautiful moment in Paros was sunrise…

Sonnenaufgang Paros

Sonnenaufgang am Hafen von Paros

Paros Hafen im Sonnenaufgang

I just had to take a whole lot of photos.

Paros Hafenpromenade im Sonnenaufgang

Im Hafen von Paros

Im Hafen von Paros 2


That’s how an awesome week ended, that I will not forget in a long time. It was a dream come true to do island hopping in Greece and to do it with likeminded people sharing everything was an amazing experience.

Thanks for that dear Coboat crew!



Yours Barbara


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