How About Tasmania – 6 Great Places to Discover

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If you’ve ever longed for the ultimate escape but have yet to find the destination that would be perfect for it, the sunny continent of Australia might have the answer for you. In fact, its smallest state at the very bottom of the world map, Tasmania, is an under-explored natural paradise that boasts some of the most scenic views on the continent. With beautiful mountains, vivid flora and fauna and spectacular cliffs towering above the waters, there is so much to see here that you can easily get lost for weeks and forget about the rest of the world.

Since Tasmania is not so big, it’s fairly easy to get around especially if you opt for renting a vehicle. There are a lot of places you can explore on one-day trips, so you can balance your work and your adventure time if you’re up for the challenge. So, if you’re a digital nomad who wants to experience a fresh and serene place, read on to learn about all the amazing places Tasmania offers.

The city of Hobart

The best starting point for your Tasman adventure is, of course, Hobart. Besides being one of Australia’s oldest cities, carrying a lot of history with itself, it’s also a cozy town with a small but charming harbor and lovely historic streets. You can conveniently pitch your tent here as the city has fairly good Wi-Fi for your work and several coworking spaces to choose from if that’s your cup of tea. In the meantime, you can explore the Salamanca market held every Saturday and find interesting handmade goods. Hobart is located close to several attractions including the Port Arthur Historic Site and the Tasman National Park (about an hour and 20 minutes’ drive), so you can stay here and explore nearby places to keep it interesting.

Hobart Tasmania

Tasman Island and Tasman National Park

As just mentioned, with a not-too-long drive from Hobart, you can find yourself in the Tasman National Park. This is one of the most popular locations in Tasmania as it boasts a whole slew of picturesque views on its coastline. If your time allows it, you can even book yourself a 3-day guided walk on the Three Capes Track and see all the sights from Cape Raoul through Waterfall Bay all the way to Cape Pillar and the small Tasman Island with its solitary lighthouse. It’s truly a magnificent view.

Three Capes Tasmania

Lavender fields at Bridestowe Estate

If you are a romantic, then this is a must-visit place, especially if you’re traveling the state at the beginning of the year. Nothing beats the fairytale-like view that the fully bloomed lavender fields give, stretching across 260 acres – not to mention the scent that cannot be translated into writing. You will certainly want to take a small bottle of lavender oil home to preserve the memory!

Lavender Tasmania

Tulip Farm at Table Cape

If you prefer tulips to lavender, this tulip farm in full bloom will sweep you off your feet. The Bloomin’ Tulips festival is held in October each year (the 13th this year!), so if you happen to be in the region at this time, don’t miss out on the vibrant colors of this lovely family-owned farm. Besides the flowers, this festival is a melting pot of good food, music, and fun activities, so you’re bound to enjoy yourself!

Tulip Tasmania

Bay of Fires

On the east coast, there is an interesting bay that was named the Bay of Fires – not because of its look, but because of the Aboriginal coastal fires that the captain sailing past the bay saw. Although, the name fits its appearance too, as it boasts unique, orange-colored granite rock formations that make it look like it’s on fire. Many regard it as one of the most beautiful parts of Tasmania. At the southern end of the bay, you can find Binalong Bay, where you can enjoy activities like fishing, surfing, and hiking, too.

Bay of Fires Tasmania

Freycinet National Park

Being one of Australia’s best national parks, Freycinet National Park is a must-visit place when you are in Tasmania. Here, the Hazards mountain range and the Wineglass Bay are some of the main attractions, as both of them are unique in their own way. The Hazards are made up of interesting, pinkish granite that gives them a special look, while the Wineglass Bay – which you can best see if you hike up to Mt. Amos – is a lovely half-circle shaped white sand beach. The animal life here is worth mentioning too, so keep an eye out for some interesting bird species that inhabit the area.

Freycinet Tasmania

While you can’t expect to have spot-on Wi-Fi out in the wilderness, Tasmania is still a manageable destination for digital nomads, thanks to the fact that the distances are not too big. Even if you need to do a bit of organizing, in the end, it will be well worth it when you remember all the amazing vistas that you had a chance to see!

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