Halloumi Burger – The Mediterranean Burger Fun

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Today comes the second recipe on Barbaralicious. Since I can’t travel at the moment like I did in the past, I try to satisfy my wanderlust with culinary dishes. Today I will continue with another dish that reminds me of Israel: Halloumi burgers with vegetable sticks!



Ready in

40 Minutes


ca. 1000



Halloumi is a semi-solid cheese from the Mediterranean area. It is popular in Greece and Turkey, but I have eaten it mostly in Israel. It is made from cow, sheep, or goat milk. Sometimes also from a mixture of these milks. It is also often called grilled cheese. As a vegetarian burger patty, I find it particularly tasty and would like to introduce this Mediterranean, slightly oriental burger to you today.


  • 1 Halloumi
  • Potatoes
  • 2 Carrots
  • Sweet Potato
  • 1 Tomato
  • 1 Heart Lettuce
  • 1 Red Onion
  • Burger Buns
  • Creme fraiche
  • 1 tsp Honey
  • 2 tsp Mustard
  • Olive Oil
Halloumi Burger
Ingredients Halloumi Burger


Step 1

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees circulating air. Peel the potatoes, the sweet potato, and the carrots and cut them into sticks 1-2 centimeters thick each. Put them on a baking tray after you have stirred them in olive oil with salt. On the middle shelf, they need 25-30 minutes.

Step 4

In the last 3 to 5 minutes of the baking time of the sticks, put the burger buns in the oven. They will be golden brown and taste better.

Step 2

When the sticks are in the oven, it’s the burger topping’s turn. Cut the halloumi into about 2 centimeters thick slices. Then also cut the tomato into slices and the onion into rings. Peel the lettuce leaves.

Step 5

Fry the Halloumi in a large pan at medium heat. After about two minutes you can add the onion rings and fry them.

Step 3

For the dressing and the dip, mix mustard and honey in the creme fraiche. Season with salt and pepper and stir until smooth.

Step 6

Now it’s time to put the things together: Put some of the mustard-honey dip on one half of a bun and put lettuce leaves, tomato slices, onion rings, and the halloumi on the bun. The sticks taste twice as good with the dip!

Ingredients Halloumi Burger
Fries and Veggie Sticks in the oven
Halloumi Burger

The yummy dinner with

Mediterranean Feeling is ready!


Tip 1

If you get fresh beetroot, you can add it to the vegetable sticks. Tastes also super yummy in the mix!

Tip 2

Be careful with the sticks so that they do not touch each other when in the oven. Then they turn out crispier.

Halloumi Burger with Fries and Veggie Sticks

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