My Favorite Pieces in my Backpack That Remind me of my Travels

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While I was doing my packing video some weeks ago where I was talking about all my belongings that I’m traveling with, I realized that there are many things that remember me of my life of travels, of beautiful moments, stunning places and exotic countries.
Lieblingsteile auf Reisen – Selfie Stick

#1 Selfie-Stick

I got the selfie stick as a gift when I was in Stockholm at the travel bloggers conference TBEX. Trip Advisor Vacation Rentals gave one to every blogger they invited for a quick chat about possible collaborations. Only two weeks later I started daily vlogging fort he VEDA Challenge – the Vlog Every Day in August Challenge.

#2 Bose Headphones

I wanted to have noise cancelling headphones for a while already. As a digital nomad, I am working in situation that I often can’t control. Headphones that are making you work without distraction become a must. I could not imagine working without them anymore. I bought them in Gibraltar.


Lieblingsteile auf Reisen – Bose Noise Cancelling Kopfhörer
Lieblingsteile auf Reisen – Desigual Handtasche

#3 Desigual Bag

On my trip around the world I had a big bag with me. After a few weeks, I realized that I needed something more practical. When I arrived to New York I sent it back home with all the other stuff that I didn’t need anymore. Since then I am traveling with a small bag that fits in my backpack when I’m traveling. I bought it in Palermo.

#4 Proud Nomad Swearshirt

I ordered the Proud Nomad sweatshirt when I was in Tarifa. When I’m wearing it, I have to think of the moment when it arrived and how I was jumping up and down in front of the mirror to see how it looked. Now, nothing can separate us and I hope I will be able to wear it for many more years.

Lieblingsteile auf Reisen – Barbara im Proud Nomad Pulli
Lieblingsteile auf Reisen – Strandkleid

#5 Beach Dress

Actually, I only wanted to buy new flip flops. But when I entered the shop in Koh Lanta, I immediately saw this dress. I couldn’t leave without trying it on and buying it in the end. I bought the flip flops as well, but they ended up in the garbage some months later (check #7 for the flip flops story) while the dress is still part of what I pack for warm regions.

#6 Rain Breaker

Another shop that called me in: The North Face store in Siem Reap. It was simply hanging there, waiting for me… This white rain breaker. Since I had been searching for EXACTLY this jacket and The North Face became one of my favorite brands anyways, I bought it. The only downside is that I still don’t know if the whole shop had nothing else than fake stuff. If I will ever know?

Lieblingsteile auf Reisen – Regenjacke The North Face
Lieblingsteile auf Reisen – Flip Flops

#7 Flip Flops

I had the flip flops from Koh Lanta with me, but they were almost broken after two weeks testing beaches in Mallorca. So the decision to get new ones wasn’t that difficult. When I saw these Ipanemas, I couldn’t resist anymore!

#8 Jump Suit

I didn’t plan to spend money at all. A friend of mine said: Let’s just have a look! In the end we got a special deal for taking the same jumpsuit twice. I will always think of this sunny day in Gran Canaria.

Lieblingsteile auf Reisen – Jumpsuite
Lieblingsteile auf Reisen – weißes Kleid

#9 White Dress

I wanted to have a white dress to travel with for a while already. Although I am totally aware of the fact that it’s not practical at all. But when I saw it at a market in Cefalù, I couldn’t resist. Since then it has a special place in my backpack.

#10 Beach Towel

I just had done a terrible trip from Machu Picchu to Rio de Janeiro. I had been on the road for 5 days and just recovered from the altitude sickness and my travel burn-out started. When I was taking the first steps in the sand of the Copacabana, when I saw somebody selling towels and dresses. I got one of both. The beach towel is still my travel companion.

Lieblingsteile auf Reisen – Strandtuch
That’s how much of my stuff reminds me of my life as a digital nomad. Do you have something in your backpack that makes you remember your travels?
Yours Barbara 1

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