Best places for digital nomads in Western Australia

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World travelers know all too well that there is more to Australia than Sidney and kangaroos. Although flights are long and expensive, keep in mind that it is a remote, First-world country, or should you be reminded – a continent, well-endowed with metropolises, nature, stunning beaches and unique wildlife. However, Western Australia is a route slightly less traveled and finding the internet access there can be quite of a challenge. Nevertheless, with good planning, it can be a perfect place for anyone who wishes to spend their (non)working hours in great weather and beautiful scenery.

First thing first, Perth

The only metropolis in WA and a dazzling city with a sophisticated mixture of different nationalities, fantastic climate, and friendly people. Perth is a city with 19 beaches, good nightlife, rich culture and what is quite interesting, a great number of self-made millionaires. Most importantly, Perth has a good mobile and internet coverage as well as many coworking spaces, so it is quite easy to stay in touch with clients and to maintain work dynamics. Although remote, Perth is worth of seeing because it offers a somewhat different flavor than the rest of Australian cities.


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Take a break, have some wine

The big downside of visiting Margaret River is the struggle to stay productive. It can be quite challenging when you are in a wine region with tons of great restaurants and fabulous beaches. However, take this break and head to the lovely picturesque region and taste everything, from local wines and beers to cheese and chocolate. There is a variety of cafes and accommodation with Wi-Fi, but if you need to act quickly, know there is free Wi-Fi on the main street in Augusta.

Modern Australian Venice

Mandurah in the Peel region is a lovely coastal town and a cultural center of the region, not far away from Perth. Whether looking for galleries, wine or wild dolphins, Mandurah will meet your standards, then again, maybe not when it comes to the number of free wifi access. You can go crabbing or kayaking, riding on a steam train or you can even hire a fully equipped houseboat. However, make sure if the ‘’fully equipped’’ includes Wi-Fi.


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Walk through the Valley of Giants

A four-hour drive from Perth there is another ultimate Nature Break that will leave you breathless. Walk among treetops of giant red tingle trees that can get high as 40 meters, or roam around their massive tree trunks in the ground. However, these excursions are best when traveling lightly, so make sure to put away your belongings safely. Take advantage of affordable storage in Perth located and explore the region unburdened, without excessive luggage. If you decide to stay, know that there is Wi-Fi in the most of the hotels.

Mingle with Royalty

No need to bow, just have a nice chat with a prince of Hutt River. The previous prince who abdicated in February of 2017 has found a few loopholes in the law and created his own country only to avoid losing part of his farmland. You will have the opportunity to hear some interesting stories and meet charismatic people who don’t have to follow Australian laws nor to pay Australian tax. Since this is not exactly a place to stay, don’t trouble yourself with trying to find internet access. Enjoy your chat and be inspired.


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Watersport heaven

Geraldton, a regional city on Batavia coast, is a great place for surfing, diving, snorkeling or boating. Constant wind and swelling make Geraldton a surfer’s mecca, so it is a location worth of the excursion. Located around 420 km from Perth, it is about five hours drive, or you can take one hour flight. Aside from being a place for fun, you can work from there too, since the City of Greater Geraldton has good coverage and it has provided free public WI-FI in several locations.

Tips on staying connected

Since there are issues regarding mobile and internet coverage in WA (large area and small population), make sure that you stay and work in towns with a bigger population and take short excursions to more remote areas. Plan your work timetable and provide your clients your phone number, just in case. Opt for Telstra as your carrier since it has the best coverage in WA. Use libraries and Internet cafes and try to make the best out of Telecenters. Keep in mind that mobile plans are expensive in Australia, so plan your budget carefully.


Traveling through West is a great possibility to taste slightly different Australia. Although it seems complicated to work while traveling through this vast area, a thorough research and good planning will do the trick. Organizing work and being flexible with travel plans makes digital nomadism possible anywhere.

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