What the Heck is a Digital Nomad

“Hello! I am a digital nomad!”

“Digital what? Nomad? And where are your camels and your tent?”

This is the typical reaction when I tell people that I am a digital nomad. Have you heard of digital nomads before and asked yourself what a digital nomad is and how his life looks like? The answer is simple:

Digital nomads are location independent. Normally they work online using the internet and new technologies. They therefor don’t need to stay in one place. They don’t have an office, no employment where they need to go to a place every day, no obligation in general to stay in a place if they don’t want to. Everything they need is a computer and internet access. They kind of have their office in the backpack.

Digital nomads are no backpackers or travelbloggers. There are digital nomads – like me – who are traveling the world with a backpack blogging about their adventures, experiences and moments of joy on the road. But that’s definitely not a condition.

It’s about how you see things, about how you live your life. It’s about the freedom to decide every day to create your tomorrow.

And the good thing for me? I was already a digital nomad before I had heard about the movement. For years I didn’t know how to combine all the things I like and I was searching for a way to live my life in a manner that was not conventional. I felt stuck in society’s framework but had no idea how to break out of it. Now I know what I need to do to live a self-determined life that makes me happy.

Should everybody be a digital nomad then? Definitely not!

But I want to encourage you to go on searching if you haven’t found what really makes you happy and what makes you smile in the morning and want to get up:

I firmly believe in the sentence: Every man is the artisan of his own future. You just sometimes need to understand what possibilities you have and where to start.

But it’s worth it!

Yours Barbara