Best Places to Work as a Digital Nomad in Sydney

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We live in a day and age when we try to combine every aspect of our lives with a comfortable lifestyle. Internet has opened up numerous possibilities when it comes to tweaking our job environment in a way that suits us best. Some would say the millennials have become too spoiled in their constant search for “workplace fun”, but the question that arises is – when it comes down to it, isn’t that the point? Aren’t we all, as a civilization, meant to pursue this endgame?

As a Digital Nomad in Sydney

The opportunity to work outside a regular workplace has created a fertile environment for outbursts of creative energy, and in the highly vibrant and cultured metropoles like Sydney, these sorts of activities are encouraged through the constant emergence of hotspots and locations that cultivate the conditions for such nomadic work ethic. Let me just clarify from the onset, there are many cities in the world that offer excellent conditions for digital nomads (check out Barbara’s City Guides for Digital Nomads to get to know some perfect nomad destinations), but Sydney is my own top preference and these are the best places to work there.

The Nerd Cave

You’ll find this hip location at the address 1 The Esplanade, Ashfield. It’s a welcoming gaming community center that has a lot to offer, and we are not talking exclusively about board games. With excellent Wi-Fi and a pleasant, relaxed environment, it’s a colorful place where you can spend time doing some work on your laptop.

Best Places to Work as a Digital Nomad in Sydney

Bay 9 Heritage Warehouse Offices

Located smack in the middle of Lavender Bay, or to be more specific at 9 Middlemiss Street, Bay 9 Heritage Warehouse Offices provide a perfect co-working environment for all newcomers. They even provide private offices that can easily house mini-companies of four to six people, but the system is very flexible.

One office can be leased for $650 per week for four people, and they might as well be strangers who decided to band together and chip in, just to have an isolated environment where they can work and (even though they do unrelated work) possibly collaborate. This place has everything you need, Wi-Fi, printing, meeting rooms, air conditioning, kitchen, utilities, security, cleaning and even showers.

Best Places to Work as a Digital Nomad in Sydney

Coogee Pavilion

Situated on 169 Dolphin Street in (obviously) Coogee, this workplace for the free-styling kind of digital nomad in Sydney offers many seating options since it’s a pretty big place. However, it does get crowded at night. It even has a beautiful beach view. With Wi-Fi and big and relaxed environment at your disposal, what’s not to like? Once you learn how to be a true globetrotting digital nomad, environments like these truly become everything you need, without any distractions or additional “perks”.

Best Places to Work as a Digital Nomad in Sydney

Archie Rose

Wait, what’s the relation between a distillery and nomadic digital work? The Archie Rose Bar in their awesome distillery is pretty hard to miss once you walk past the whiskey barrels. This is by far my favorite place to tune out and do some quality work. It’s a secluded, dark and silent place, which is fantastic if you need to concentrate. The best thing is, if you get frustrated with your work here and there, you can sip on a glass of high-quality whiskey and relax.

Best Places to Work as a Digital Nomad in Sydney

Henley’s Wholefoods

If you are ready to work your butt off, why not do it in a place that can replenish your energy in style? You’ll find Henley’s Wholefoods at 310-330 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, and it is one of Sydney’s hottest boutiques of organic coffee. You can have some of the healthiest meals imaginable as you kick back and delve into your work. After all, it’s a well-known fact that people underperform with an empty stomach.

Best Places to Work as a Digital Nomad in Sydney

The time of nine-to-five work has passed for most people who are steeped in digital business. Even for a layman, it’s easy to notice the increasing trend of working with “no strings attached” if your work can be done from a laptop. After all, none of us want to become “those people” that start hating their job after a while. Ideally, we can find the freedom to fashion our work environment in a way that strikes a perfect balance between work and fun.

I hope you check out these great places if you’re as a digital nomad in Sydney!


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