The Muir Woods National Monument – Magical Moments in a Sea of Trees

The Muir Woods National Monument – Magical Moments in a Sea of Trees


Muir Woods National Monument is a protected area for coastal sequoia trees about 20 km north of San Francisco.

Coastal sequoia trees or redwoods are the highest trees in the world and can reach up to 115 m in height. At Muir Woods National Monument, the highest trees are about 80 meters high.

Red Woods im Muir Woods National Monument

Within this park there are several trails. The signage here was much better than at Yosemite National Park, so that I could deliberately choose the longest trail (about 2.5 hours, the shortest trail was signposted with half an hour). I admit, one reason why I chose this trail was because of his name: Ocean View!

Unfortunately, I didn’t know that the name comes from the fact that once a fire had opened the view up to the ocean. Luckily, the trees have grown again today. But because of this the sea is no longer visible.

The climb was more or less steep. It took me about 1.5 hours to reach my destination. On the way, I enjoyed the peace and the special energy of this place. It is amazing how peaceful you feel in such a place. Did you ever experience something like this?

Red Woods im Muir Woods National Monument

Red Woods im Muir Woods National Monument


What would these hundreds of years old trees tell us if they were able to speak?

Then, I slowly made my way through the woods and out “of the sea”.

Muir Woods National Monument

From above I could see the Muir Woods National Monument – what a peaceful place! It was a wonderful day…

And a fantastic view!

Muir Woods National Monument

Afterwards, I went back to the cool thicket. Also in summer the dense redwoods let only little sunlight through, so that it is always much cooler there. So don’t forget to bring layers to not get cold. You spend most of your time in the woods anyway.

An hour later, I arrived back where I had started.

The main path, from which all trails start, leads along a stream, which creates a pleasant and almost meditative atmosphere through its quiet but constant splashing…

Red Woods im Muir Woods National Monument

The sequoia trees reinforce this feeling. I could have spent much more time here.

Red Woods im Muir Woods National Monument

Even those who are not so close to nature will feel something magical here – between the 500 to 700 year old trees – which the mind cannot understand and will never understand and which hopefully (!) will last for many more hundred years and will survive the age of humans.

Have you ever stood in front of these gigantic trees and even been able to touch them?

I think it’s only possible to understand their size and greatness when seeing it with your own eyes.

What do you think?

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Highway 1 in California: About Beaches, Sunsets, Sea Lions & Whales

Highway 1 in California: About Beaches, Sunsets, Sea Lions & Whales


When you mention to Americans that you plan to drive Highway 1 from LA to San Francisco, it usually puts a smile on their face.

This road is known for its fantastic views of the sea.

I decided to rent a car, which I picked up in Los Angeles and returned to San Francisco.

The next day, I took advantage of having a car and drove to Santa Monica to the beach to the famous Santa Monica Pier and then to the beautiful Griffith Park, which has an observatory on the summit from where you have an incredible view of LA. It is also an excellent place to photograph the Hollywood sign.

Then, I started the real adventure! I put Santa Barbara as destination into my mobile phone and left LA.

Already this short distance was really beautiful: Over hills and through valleys I made my way to the north of California.

I was lucky with the weather, too. The sun was shining all the time and it was so warm that I had to switch on the air conditioning.

After about two hours I arrived in Santa Barbara, looked for a parking place near the pier and ate lunch by the sea, with the sound of the waves.

20 minutes later I was sitting in the car again, the sea to my left, and made my way up the well-known and popular Highway 1.

It leads right along the sea and winds partly through serpentines. There are parking spots so that you don’t miss any of the many postcard views. Have your camera ready!

An absolute highlight of this route for me was that on some beaches sea lions lay in the sun.

Big and small, loud and silent.

It was beautiful! I could hardly convince myself to move on.

My destination for the night was Monterey!

I reached it after dusk and found a place to stay in my car.

A friend of mine grew up there and she advised me to visit Fisherman’s Wharf and eat Clam Chowder there. What’s so special about it? It is served in a hollowed loaf of bread! Delicious!

On the internet I had asked for prices for whale watching tours. The tours all start at Fisherman’s Wharf, so I was in the right place. I went directly to the provider I chose online, got the promised discount if you refer to the website, and even got another discount of $2.50.

The whale watching tour lasted about three hours. Much longer than the tour I did in Patagonia.

However, it took much longer to get into open waters and within reach of whales.

When the boat finally stopped and we were close to the giants of the sea, they came up quite often, but unfortunately not really close to the boat.

These whales seemed to be shy compared to their relatives in Patagonia because there they swam constantly under our boat along and emerged directly beside it to take a deep breath.

I was still able to take some nice pictures. Or what do you think?

In the late afternoon I started my onwards journey to San Francisco – the drive was about two hours.

The way to Santa Cruz (about half an hour by car) continued along the sea, so that I could watch another breathtaking sunset.

After Santa Cruz, I left Highway 1.

Never before had I seen so many beautiful beaches, sunsets and animals in just two days.

So when you travel to California, you shouldn’t miss this experience and this beautiful route.

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Yosemite National Park – The Perfect Weekend Trip from San Francisco

Yosemite National Park – The Perfect Weekend Trip from San Francisco


The Yosemite National Park is located directly at the Sierra Nevada in the north of California.

In 1984 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its impressive granite rocks, waterfalls and Red Woods.

Red Wood Tree Yosemite Nationalpark

Yosemite National Park – How to get there

I arrived on a warm and sunny spring Saturday. I came by rental car from San Francisco. That’s about four hours by car.

As a visitor you only pay an entrance fee of 30 USD during the summer months and 25 USD in the winter months per car. Free parking is available in Yosemite National Park. However, as these are limited, you should consider arriving early. There is a shuttle bus system in the park that will take you anywhere. So you can get fully involved with nature.


Yosemite National Park – Accommodation

I only spent one night in Yosemite National Park. I slept in one of the tents in Yosemite Village. Alternatively you can stay overnight in a lodge, but of course the prices are not very backpacker friendly. Already the prices for a tent are quite high: You can expect about 100 USD. If you are traveling alone, this is not a bargain…


Yosmite National Park – The Trails

Unfortunately, I didn’t find the map I got at the entrance very helpful, so I needed more or less the whole first day to find my way around. Maybe you should really use the shuttle buses. I really wanted to go exploring alone with my rental car. I would probably not dare to do that again.

In addition, the trails are not sufficiently signposted. They usually only show their names, but not their length, difficulty and average running time (as was the case in the Muir Woods National Monument near San Francisco).

Barbara im Yosemite Nationalpark

That’s why I didn’t dare to start a hike after 4 pm. I was afraid to create only a fraction of the trail until I had to turn back so that I wouldn’t be surprised by the darkness.

So it happened that on Saturday I only drove to the individual viewpoints to which I could go by car.

It was nice anyway!


Yosemite National Park – The Mirror Lake Tour

On the second day I decided for the tour to Mirror Lake in the morning and the 4-Miles-Trail at noon.

Unfortunately, Mirror Lake was almost dry… In winter, it hadn’t snowed very much and the ice hadn’t melted yet. Nevertheless I could take quite a picture, or what do you think?


Yosemite National Park – The 4-Miles-Trail

The 4-Miles-Trail was a tough one! It was steep all the way.

It was quite exhausting, but it was worth the effort!

Because the view was magnificent!

That’s where I made my vlog. You can watch it on Youtube if you understand German: Gruß aus dem Yosemite National Park!



My conclusion

The Yosemite National Park is not only an absolute landmark of California, but also a must for every nature lover. Here you feel one with nature. At times I didn’t meet a soul and had the hiking trail almost for myself. Maybe it was because of the low season. Unfortunately, I have no comparison. But it was definitely beautiful!

Have you ever been to Yosemite National Park? Isn’t it just fantastic there?

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Hotel Triton – San Francisco Hotel Tip

Hotel Triton – San Francisco Hotel Tip



San Francisco is one of the most exciting cities in the world for me. In 2015, it was at the top of my bucket list during my trip around the world – at that time I wrote about what I had noticed in particular: the stark contrast between the old hippies and the glamour of the USA. Today, I still notice that when I walk through the streets but I still try to perceive other aspects as well or even more. Of course, I needed a starting point for my explorations. This was the Hotel Triton during my last visit to San Francisco.

Hotel Triton – Hotel & Location

On an inconspicuous street corner on Grant Avenue in San Francisco, three major neighborhoods meet: Union Square, Chinatown, and the Financial District. The meeting of these three quarters led to the name of the hotel – Triton. To be honest, I never noticed that the word “tri” (three) is part of the word Triton. And apart from the trident, I see no reason to associate the number with the name. But I like to be inspired to think and do some research.

Perfectly located at the crossroads of these three quarters of San Francisco, hotel guests can immerse themselves in the culture from the very first moment. Just around the corner, for example, you can jump on a cable car. If you go in the other direction you come to a central junction of metro and bart – the local train system with which you can get to the airport on one side and to Oakland on the other.

(Attention: San Francisco wants to get away from paper tickets. That’s a great thing in principle, but not very practical if you’re a tourist and really only need one ticket for one trip. The plastic card costs 3 USD. The employees at the stations were unfortunately no help at all.)

And for business travelers, the hotel is located directly at the banking district.

Since 1913, Hotel Triton has welcomed its visitors with 140 guest rooms and suites, each with its own charm. Always with the concept of Hygge – thus a cordial, cheerful atmosphere – in mind, the hotel was designed with a lot of love for the detail.


Hotel Triton – Lobby, Library & Art Exhibition

The lobby is a real eye-catcher. Right here you get the feeling to sit with a friend in his living room. That’s why the lobby is not called a lobby – anyone can do that! – but Living Room.

Lobby / Living Room Triton Hotel San Francisco

Photo credits: RoseInk

Each piece of furniture tells a unique story here. Travel is always the central theme. Same goes for the books that are on display.

In the lobby there is also a display case with a mural that was discovered behind the walls during renovation work in 2018. The artwork was created by the Persian artist John Oshanna in the 1940s and features Mission Dolores, San Francisco’s oldest intact mission, built in 1776 – also the oldest building in San Francisco – and the City Hall.

Photo credits: RoseInk

On a mezzanine floor and in the living room, top-class art collections by local and international artists await you. Up-and-coming artists from San Francisco can host public exhibitions at the Hotel Triton.


Hotel Triton – The Rooms

You choose between three different categories:

  • There are Deluxe Rooms with king-size, queen-size and two double beds. In this smallest category you have a small, padded bench to sit on.
  • Premium King Rooms are 20 square meters and have a king-size bed waiting for you and your beauty sleep. The shower is spacious and at ground level, only separated from the toilet by a glass pane.
  • And on the other hand there are the Grant Avenue Studio Suites. Here you have more than 32 square meters at your disposal. They are all individually designed to reflect the coziness you would enjoy in a friend’s guest room. Also here you sleep in a king-size bed.



Hotel Triton – Breakfast & Dinner

San Francisco is a paradise for foodies (hence my tip for a food tour in my post about 5 cool activities in San Francisco) and directly at the Hotel Triton there are two restaurants.

On one side, there is the Café de la Presse – an authentic French bistro that is popular with locals and tourists alike. Here you’ll find delicious Eggs Benedict and Pancakes – you will lick your fingers after eating.

On the other side is Herlen Place, a lively café that turns into a cool wine bar in the evening. Here you can enjoy finger food.

The Hotel Triton also offers room service from the Café de la Presse: you can call it on weekdays from 7:30 to 21:30 and on weekends from 8:30 to 21:00.


Hotel Triton – The Gym

Those who don’t want to neglect their fitness during their stay in San Francisco can get active around the clock in the hotel’s own gym. There are machines such as a treadmill and also free weights.

So you can stay in shape during your holiday or business trip!


Hotel Triton – Final Thoughts

The room was cozy, the hotel staff was friendly and always helpful, and the location speaks for itself.

I would go back to Hotel Triton!

If you also want to stay at Hotel Triton, you can check here if there are still rooms available and book right away: Hotel Triton on Booking*. Alternatively, you can browse through the other hotels in San Francisco: Hotels in San Francisco on Booking*.

PS: I have been invited to this press trip to San Francisco by SFTravel. I didn’t get any monetary compensation. My opinion is my own and has not been influenced by this collaboration.

PPS: All links with an asterisk (*) are affiliate links. Click here if you don’t know what that is: What is an affiliate link?

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San Francisco – 5 Cool Activities for the Californian Metropolis

San Francisco – 5 Cool Activities for the Californian Metropolis



San Francisco is a very special city. I already reported about the hippie charm, but also the sad remnant of the former generation who celebrated the Summer of Love with flowers in their hair, in my article from 2015. As far as I can tell, not much has changed.

Today, I would like to tell you about five activities in San Francisco that might not be on your radar and that open up a new perspective on this unique city.

#1 Urban Hike

When I saw that you can book Urban Hike Tours in San Francisco, I first thought that you would probably walk up and down the many hills of the city and admire the beautiful Victorian houses.

That’s also part of the tour, no question about it. But actually it’s the smaller part. The tour I was on with Urban Hiker San Francisco started at the Castro Theatre and led up to the Twin Peaks and back again on the other side. Doesn’t sound so exciting? Then wait and see!


The Houses

I’ll start with the obvious: the Victorian houses and magnificent buildings line part of the way up to the hills. They shine in many colours and look – each one in its own way – like you’ve been built into a movie. Our knowledgeable guide Kevin knows how to entertain us. With the right sense of humor he is telling anekdotes about the city.

Did you know that each of these houses with more than three colours is called Painted Lady. Until then we all thought that this would only apply to the well-known houses from films and series like Charmed and Full House.

Viktorianische Häuser San Francisco

Viktorianische Häuser San Francisco

Viktorianische Häuser San Francisco


The Decorations

This might not sound like something too special. But by the decorations you can understand a fair bit of the people’s traditions. Since it was shortly before Halloween, many houses had Halloween decorations – some of them bizarre, some of them funny.

Halloweenschmuck San Francisco

Halloweenschmuck San Francisco

Halloweenschmuck San Francisco


The Views

The higher you go, the better the view, of course. After a short time you will see the skyline towering above the rooftops. A majestic sight! And it got better with every meter. The first hill we reached was called Kite Hill. From there we already had a perfect view of the skyline but also of the surrounding hills so that Kevin could tell us their names and backgrounds. Some of the hills could not be built on, while others were deliberately left natural to have wooded areas over the entire city area.

Ausblick Skyline San Francisco

Ausblick Skyline San Francisco


The Forest

I just said it: wooded areas. Maybe you just shook your head in disbelief. In a metropolis like San Francisco, there’s no forest!

But if this is what you thought you’re wrong. San Francisco has a lot of woodland, even if most of it is not endemic.

Wald San Francisco

Wald San Francisco

Directly after Kite Hill follows the first short forest section – with an old villa stands right in the beginning. Again, I got the impression that things were out of place. This spooky villa kind of appreared out of nowhere. In the middle of a city. That’s a bit crazy!

Wald San Francisco


Geographic Center of the City

On the way to the Twin Peaks you will also pass what I think is a pretty cool place. Quite unobtrusive and small, usually people just walk over it. But there is a mark on the sidewalk. That’s the geographic center of San Francisco. Pretty cool, isn’t it? But you have to know where it is. Otherwise, you’ll probably just walk over it, too…

Geografisches Zentrum San Francisco


#2 E-Scooter Tour

If you want to see the city in a completely different way, just take an e-scooter tour!

E-Scooter-Tour San Francisco

The tour that I did with Electric Tour Co. started very close to Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39 – one of the classics of San Francisco that you should definitely not miss. You can actually connect those two things very well. Also, one of the Cable Car’s routes ends here, so you can take a ride with this symbol of San Francisco to get here.

Before the tour you will get a helmet and a kind of warning vest from your guide. You will also get some safety instructions about riding the e-scooter. The tours take place with a maximum of ten people per guide.

From there we went along the sea, San Francisco Bay always to the right and the city skyline to the left, direction Golden Gate Bridge. It is really impressive how the bridge gets closer and bigger.

E-Scooter-Tour San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge auf der E-Scooter-Tour San Francisco

On the way back you will pass Lucas Arts where you will be greeted by a statue of Master Yoda. You’ll also take a detour past the Museum of Fine Arts, which really looks great.

Lucas Arts San Francisco

Museum of Fine Arts San Francisco

Pro Tip: Depending on what time of the year you are here, I recommend you pack a thick jacket, scarf and even gloves. At 15 km/h it can get quite chilly. And that’s not even top speed: Compared to Germany, where you can’t go faster than 20 km/h, you can really speed up in the USA! 40 km/h are completely legal here.


#3 Sunset Cruise

For a romantic experience, I recommend the Sunset Cruise to the Golden Bridge. I did this with Adventure Cat Sailing.

It also starts at Fisherman’s Wharf and directly at Pier 39. In a two-hour tour, the cruise takes you directly in front of Baker Beach and thus you cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge. So you have a completely different perspective and you will be able to take some very special photos.

Sunset Cruise San Francisco Adventure Cat Sailing

If the weather allows it, don’t miss the opportunity to sit on the front of the catamaran or at its net. Like this, you have the ideal view.

Snacks as well as hot and cold drinks are provided. Two drinks and the small buffet are included in the ticket.


#4 Food Tour

I’m not really a foodie, but in San Francisco, food has a very special place. This is reflected, for example, in the fact that there are the most restaurants per inhabitant than in any other American city.

You can either go on a tour alone and explore the best bakeries, cafés and restaurants in San Francisco. Or you can go on a guided food tour. Since I’m always full too quickly, I usually choose variant 1, so here are a few tips I’ve tried myself:

I had by far the best breakfast at Le Marais Bakery in the Castro. Super yummy!

Frühstück Le Marais Bakery San Francisco

I also had great breakfast at Rose’s Café. They serve breakfast pizza. Yes, you read that correctly: BreakfastPIZZA! You can order them either with fried eggs and bacon or with salmon and scrambled eggs.

Frühstückspizza Rose's Café San Francisco

If you want to enjoy lunch with seafood and fish at the Fisherman’s Wharf I would recommend to choose Eagle Café.

Eagle Café San Francisco

For traditional, american sandwichs for lunch, go to Presidio Social Club.

Presidio Social Club San Francisco

For dinner, check out Herlen Place in Downtown. They mainly have finger food and mini burger, which gives you the chance to basically try everything on the menu specially if you’re going with a group.

Herlen Place San Francisco

Herlen Place San Francisco

Want a taste of China Town? For great Asian cuisine I would suggest the newly opened China Live Restaurant.

China Live Restaurant San Francisco

Photo credits: Laura Schneider von Herz an Hirn


#5 Salesforce Park

Salesforce Park is the newest public park in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Opened in August 2018, this walkway is surrounded by lawns and fountains and lined with benches that invite you to sit down and enjoy the beautiful Californian day. The park is home to 600 trees and 16,000 plants in 13 different botanical areas. There is a children’s playground and a theatre for free events such as Yoga, Zumba® and Co.

Just over 20 meters above the Great Hall, the park extends over the entire length of the Transit Center’s almost four-blocks long route.

Photo credits: San Francisco Travel Association

The park offers not only cool photo spots for your Instagram account, but is also a nice alternative if you just want to relax.


Hotel San Francisco

For these five cool activities in San Francisco, you need a strategically located starting point. At my last visit, I stayed at the Hotel Triton. The location right where China Town, Union Square and the Financial District converge is ideal. Whether you are a tourist or a business traveller!

I wrote an own post about this hotel in San Francisco:

Hotel Triton


Final Thoughts

These five cool activities in San Francisco show you the famous city of the Bay Area from completely different perspectives. Whether by foot, on two wheels, by boat, through the local cuisine, or by visiting a park where the locals come to relax… This way you can get to know the many facets of San Francisco in different ways.

Which of the five activities is your favorite?

PS: I have been invited to this press trip to San Francisco by SFTravel. I didn’t get any monetary compensation. My opinion is my own and has not been influenced by this collaboration.

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Sterzing – Das idyllische Tor nach Italien

Sterzing – Das idyllische Tor nach Italien


Sterzing liegt in Südtirol direkt hinter der österreichischen Grenze, wenn man über den Brenner kommt, und ist die nördlichste Stadt Italiens. Seit gut 25 Jahren bin ich regelmäßig hier. Grund dafür ist die ideale Lage. Denn als ich klein war, sind wir – also meine Eltern, mein Bruder und ich – alljährlich mit dem Auto nach Sizilien gefahren, wo meine Mutter herkam, und Sterzing eignet sich perfekt für einen ersten Stopp auf dem Weg in den Süden von Bella Italia. Warum du hier aber mehr als nur eine Übernachtung einlegen solltest, zeige ich dir heute:

Sterzing – Wie, was, wo?

Sterzing hat einen unvergleichlichen Charme – egal zu welcher Jahreszeit verzaubert es seine Besucher. Auch wenn ich die Alpinstadt vor allem in der warmen Jahreszeit kenne, weil wir hier meistens einen Stopp eingelegt haben, wenn wir im Mai nach Venedig, im August nach Verona oder im Oktober nach Palermo gefahren sind, versichere ich dir, dass sich der Ort zu jeder Jahreszeit lohnt.

Vom Bergpanorama eingerahmt, warten hier pittoreske Einkaufsstraßen in einer der schönsten Altstädte des Landes mit mittelalterlichen Kirchen und Plätzen.

Du liebst Sport? Dann geh Wandern auf dem Rosskopf, Golfen auf dem Golfplatz oder Schlittschuhlaufen in der Eishalle. Der Hochseilgarten sorgt für Spaß und einen hohen Adrenalinpegel. Auch wenn ich mittlerweile sehr gerne die Wanderstiefel anziehe (was ich hier auch getan habe), bin ich dennoch mehr auf der Seite der Kulturbegeisterten zu finden: Die gotischen Kirchen und mittelalterlichen Burgen hinterlassen bei mir ein Gefühl von Erstaunen und Ehrfurcht.

Das Gute an Sterzing? Hier kannst du alles mit einander verbinden! So hast du die perfekte Mischung.


Sterzing – Anreise

Mit dem Zug: Sterzing hat einen Bahnhof. Über die Haltestelle Brenner/Brennero kommst du mit Umsteigen per Zug dorthin.

Mit dem Bus: Von Innsbruck fährt zum Beispiel Flixbus in ca. 50 Minuten direkt nach Sterzing. Preise starten bei 5,99 Euro und es gehen drei bis fünf Flixbusse pro Tag. Das ist sicher die günstigste Alternative für einen Abstecher nach Sterzing.

Mit dem Auto: Mit dem Auto gelangst du ganz einfach über die Brennerautobahn von Österreich nach Sterzing. Nachdem du die Grenze überquert hast, musst du die zweite Ausfahrt nehmen. Die erste Ausfahrt „Colle Isarco“ kannst du aber auch nehmen und dann am Fluss Eisack (Italienisch Isarco) entlang Landstraße bis Sterzing fahren. Wenn du diese Möglichkeit wählst, kommst du um die italienische Autobahnmaut herum.

Da ich innerhalb Europas im Normalfall mit Bus, Bahn oder Auto unterwegs bin und, soweit möglich, auf Flugreisen verzichte, möchte ich die nächstgelegenen Flughäfen gar nicht erst erwähnen, sondern dazu anregen, eine Bus- oder Zugreise nach Südtirol zu unternehmen.


Sterzing – Meine Highlights


Sterzing bietet sich mit seiner Lage in den südtiroler Alpen wunderbar zum Wandern an. Rundherum gibt es zahlreiche Wanderwege jeden Schwierigkeitsgrades, sodass sie sich für Groß und Klein, Jung und Alt eignen.

Empfehlenswert ist zum Beispiel die Fahrt mit der Gondel rauf auf den Rosskopf. Dort oben kannst du alles machen, was dein Outdoorliebhaberherz begehrt: Wandern, Mountainbiken, Einkehren.

Ich selbst wollte mit meinem Vater und meinem Bruder den Trenser Höhenweg laufen. Der Rundweg führt über knapp sechs Kilometer von der Wallfahrtskirche Maria Trens bis zur Burg Sprechenstein und wieder zurück und ist mit etwa zwei Stunden Wanderung angesetzt.

Kirche in Maria Trens bei Sterzing

Maria Trens ist übrigens nach Maria Weissenstein der bekannteste Wallfahrtsort in Südtirol. Seine Beliebtheit reicht bis ins 14. Jahrhundert zurück.

Der Weg ist zwar steil und führt zum Teil über nicht befestigte Wege durch den Wald (Achtung: durch feuchten Schlamm war es an einigen Stellen sehr rutschig), aber allgemein empfand ich es als absolut machbar und nicht außergewöhnlich schwer.

Mit ein wenig Glück kannst du hier sogar Tiere beobachten.

Der Ausblick war herrlich und ich freute mich bereits auf die Einkehrmöglichkeit auf der Burg.

Leider war meinem Vater ein Streckenabschnitt zu eng und auf der einen Seite ging es steil runter. Ich bin dankbar, dass er mir gesagt hat, was dieser Abschnitt in ihm ausgelöst hat. Denn 2019 hat meiner Familie schon genug Unglück bereitet. Daher wollen wir unsere Schutzengel erstmal nicht zu sehr in Anspruch nehmen. Wir sind daher umgedreht. Beim nächsten Mal würde ich die Wanderung gerne ganz machen und dann die Burg Sprechenstein nicht nur von unten sehen. Hinein kann man jedoch nicht.



Was gibt es Schöneres, als nach oder während einer anregenden Wanderung dem Körper etwas Gutes zu tun, sich auszuruhen und ein kühles Getränk zu genießen oder den hungrigen Magen zu füllen? Dafür warten entlang der Wanderwege zahlreiche Almen, die zudem mit einem Blick belohnen, der jedes Wandererherz zum Leuchten bringt.

Wenn du nicht ganz so fit bist, aber dennoch nicht auf das gesellige Einkehren verzichten möchtest, habe ich einen tollen Tipp für dich: Die Prantner Alm ist mit dem Auto erreichbar. Da mein Vater sich für die Wanderung körperlich nicht in der Lage gesehen hat, habe ich nach einer Alm gesucht, zu der wir mit dem Auto fahren können. Dabei bin ich schnell auf die Prantner Alm gestoßen, die zwar nur 11 km, aber gute 30 Minuten Fahrt von Sterzing entfernt liegt.

Von der Prantner Alm hast du nicht nur einen herrlichen Blick auf den Rosskopf und die umliegenden Berge, sondern kannst auch nach Herzenslust schlemmen. Ich hatte ein leckeres Tris di Knödel – Käseknödel in dreierlei Geschmacksrichtungen.


Burg Sprechenstein

Bei der Burg Sprechenstein handelt es sich um einen legendenumwobenen Ort. Es heißt, der Geist eines ermordeten Ritters suche die Burg heim, der einst mit seiner geliebten Frau auf der Burg Sprechenstein lebte. Der Pfeil, der ihn sein Leben kostete, steckt noch immer in seinem Herzen. Ein Ritter, der auf der nahegelegenen Burg Reifenstein wohnte, tötete ihn aus Eifersucht. Einen Beleg, dass die Geschichte auf einer wahren Begebenheit beruht, gibt es nicht.

Auffällig an Burg Sprechenstein ist der kreisförmige Burgfried aus dem 13. Jahrhundert. Der große Saal und die Kapelle, die dem Heiligen Erasmus geweiht ist, mit ihrem kleinen Flügelaltar sowie die Wandmalereien und Fresken entstanden in späteren Jahrhunderten. Das Schloss und seine Kunstwerke wurden im Zweiten Weltkrieg von Bomben getroffen und später restauriert. Seit Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts befindet sich die Burg Sprechenstein im Besitz der Fürsten von Auersperg.

Wie bereits weiter oben in meinem Artikel erwähnt, ist die Burg Sprechenstein nur von außen zu sehen.

Der Vollständigkeit halber sei erwähnt, dass Burg Sprechenstein eigentlich im benachbarten Freienfeld liegt.


Burg Reifenstein

Südwestlich von Sterzing blickt die imposante Burg Reifenstein von einem felsigen Hügel herunter. In historischen Dokumenten erscheint die Burg erstmals im Jahre 1110, als sie den Adligen von Stilfes als Lehen übergeben wurde. 1410 ging das Eigentum an Reifenstein auf den Deutschen Ritterorden über. 1813 wurde der Orden aufgelöst, und die Fürsten von Thurn und Taxis erhielten die Burg als Ausgleich für die Abschaffung ihres Postmonopols.

Das gotische Innere der Burg versetzt die Besucher in die Zeit des Mittelalters: Das Eingangstor ist durch ein Fallgitter gesichert, und die historische Zugbrücke führt über einen Graben. Brüstungen und Schießscharten in den Mauern erinnern an zahlreiche Kämpfe, die hier ausgetragen wurden. Leider konnte ich nicht hinein, weil dies nur mit einer Führung möglich ist, die zu bestimmten Zeiten stattfindet. Die letzte Führung an dem einzigen zur Verfügung stehenden Tag habe ich dummerweise verpasst.

Das Schloss befindet sich in Privatbesitz, ist aber für Besucher zugänglich.

Öffnungszeiten: Diese variieren von Monat zu Monat. Prinzipiell finden die Führungen etwa zwischen dem 1. April und dem 31. Oktober statt. Der Besuch ist wie erwähnt nur im Rahmen einer Führung mit mindestens 4 Personen möglich.
Dieses Jahr (2019) fanden die Führungen zu folgenden Zeiten statt:
Sonntag bis Freitag um 10.30, 14.00 und 15.00 Uhr
Samstags geschlossen

Euro 7,00 (Erwachsene)
Euro 4,00 (Kinder)

Weitere Informationen:
Tel. +39 339 2643752,


Sterzing – Hotel

Seit etwa 25 Jahren übernachte ich, wenn ich den Zwischenstopp in Sterzing einlege, im Gasthof Hotel Larch. Eigentlich liegt es im benachbarten Freienfeld – genau wie die Burg Sprechenstein und der Trenser Höhenweg. Das 4-Sterne Hotel ist urig, gemütlich und wir fühlen uns sehr wohl. Luxus solltest du nicht erwarten, dafür eine heimelige Wohlfühl-Atmosphäre. Das Essen ist zubereitet mit Obst und Gemüse aus dem eigenen Garten, die Frühstückseier kommen von den Hühner im Stall hinterm Haus und der Jogurt ist hausgemacht. Mit Milch von Kühen von der Alm – und ganz viel Liebe. Das schmeckt man und daher kommen wir seit so vielen Jahren immer wieder.

Wenn du lieber bei Booking buchen möchtest, gelangst du hier zu den verfügbaren Hotels in Sterzing: Sterzing Hotels bei Booking*.


Sterzing – Weiterreise

Venedig: Die Stadt der Brücken ist immer eine Reise wert. Ob zum Karneval oder zu einer anderen Jahreszeit, Venedig ist zwar touristisch, hat aber auch viele ruhige Ecken zu bieten. Ich war mittlerweile schon viermal dort und langweilig wird es absolut nicht. Ich entdecke immer Neues und freue mich bereits bei der Abreise auf den nächsten Besuch. Flixbus fährt täglich von Sterzing via Innsbruck nach Venedig.

Verona: Auch in Verona war ich schon viermal. Vor allem für einen Besuch der Oper lohnt es sich aber immer wieder, den Weg auf sich zu nehmen und ein paar Tage in dieser wunderschönen Stadt zu verbringen. Flixbus fährt mehrmals pro Woche von Sterzing via Innsbruck nach Verona.

Palermo: Palermo ist meine zweite Heimat. Daher bin ich ein wenig voreingenommen. Aber ich finde, dass jeder mindestens einmal in der sizilianischen Hauptstadt gewesen sein sollte. Kultur, Gastronomie, Architektur oder einfach die Sonne genießen am Strand von Mondello… Palermo solltest du nicht verpassen!


Mein Fazit

Für mich persönlich ist Sterzing seit weit über zwei Jahrzehnten der Startschuss des Urlaubs. Hier begannen fast alle Italienreisen und manchmal, auf dem Rückweg, endeten sie hier auch.

Lange Zeit hat meine Familie hier leider eigentlich nur übernachtet, ohne die Gegend zu erkunden. Ich bin froh, dass ich das nun Schritt für Schritt nachhole.

Warst du schon mal in Sterzing? Hast du nur dort übernachtet oder dir auch die Umgebung angeschaut? Lass es mich in den Kommentaren wissen!

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