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Ubud is one of the top 3 destinations for digital nomads in the world! The city in the heart of Bali’s jungle is an amazing mix of yoga, health, and online work!


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Insider Information

In addition you will find tons of information regarding the following topics:

Facts about Ubud

Why is Ubud a popular place among nomads? Read about it in our Ubud Guide!

Useful General Information

In this chapter, you will find a lot of information regarding currency, ATMs and prices as well as about how to get to Ubud, how to get around in the city, about internet and safety and security.

Where to Work?

Do you prefer Coworking Spaces or Cafés. In our Ubud Guide you will find all necessary information for your mobile work place.

What and Where to Eat?

What do you eat in Ubud? There are many typical dishes for Bali, that you should not miss out!

 Where to stay?

Where is the best place to stay in Ubud? What kind of place should you search for? We’ll tell you!

 What to see?

What sights has Bali to offer? Where can go to see something special? You will read about all this in our Ubud Guide!

About the Authors

Nicole Milazzo

Nicole left her NYC based career as a high net worth lifestyle manager in a move to Bali supporting disadvantaged Balinese women to build sustainable businesses, while also teaching yoga to disabled children and adults. Nicole holds two master’s degrees, divides time between her condo in Manhattan and her treehouse in Bali. Traveling to over 30 countries and counting, she’s driven by her  message of healthy, happy and having fun.

Barbara Riedel

Barbara has been living the digital nomad lifestyle since 2014 after finishing her second Master’s degree in Germany. She has been working on the road as a travel blogger, author, and photographer with the goal of inspiring as many people as possible to live and work around the world choosing location independence and freedom.

Excerpt from the Book

Ubud is a collective of ceremonies, expats, rice paddies, monkeys, music, nature walks and endless culinary options for every taste and budget. Located centrally on the island, Ubud is a good jump off point if you plan to visit the very north, or the very south during your time in Bali. The ‘City Center’ offers popular yoga shops, classic tourist shopping — a combination of high-end hippie threads bound to impress your Insta followers as well as small shops with sarongs, flops, mala beads and pants to give MC Hammer a run for his money. Monkey Forest Road and Jl. Hannoman are two hot spots to get all the above out of your system. Outside of the center, keep your eyes open for Warungs (small, local eatery, and typically advertising Nasi/Mie Goreng or Cap Cay) $5 USD massages (70,000 IDR), temples with classic Balinese percussion sounds and friendly local faces.

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