The Kuala Lumpur Guide for Digital Nomads

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Are you searching for a great place for digital nomads in South East Asia?

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The Malaysian capital is very often overseen by digital nomads. A weekend getaway for a visa run or in the worst case just a super short stop to get the possibility to return to the country where they came from. I think Kuala Lumpur is worth more, which is why I wrote a guide about it to make you have a smooth start into your nomad life there!


General Information


In addition, you will find tons of information regarding the following topics:

Facts About Kuala Lumpur

Get all the important facts about the Malaysian capital in my Kuala Lumpur Guide!

Useful General Information

In this chapter, you will find a lot of information regarding currency, ATMs and prices as well as about how to get to Kuala Lumpur, how to get around in the city and about internet.

Where to Work?

For the first time, somebody else than me had the chance to write about her experiences in one of my guides: my friend Carolin from  Breathing Travel and Breathing Social Media wrote the chapter about coworking spaces in Kuala Lumpur! In the Barbaralicious Guide you will find all necessary information for your mobile workplace.

What and Where to Eat?

Which restaurant shouldn’t you miss out? What about local food? I will tell you!

Where to Stay?

Where is the best place to stay in Kuala Lumpur? What kind of place should you search for? Get the guide and you will have all necessary information!

What to See?

Where can you go to see something special? What trips can you do? You will read about all this in my Kuala Lumpur Guide!

Excerpt From the Book

I am Barbara Riedel, and I have been living as a digital nomad since 2014. As a travel blogger, I have moved a lot in the last few years, and I am always searching for places to work, information about internet (Wi-Fi or mobile) and so on. That’s why I started a new category on my blog, Barbaralicious, called “digital nomad destinations.” These blog posts contain general information for digital nomads that enable a smooth start in a new country.

After writing digital nomad destination posts for a while, I began to think something more detailed would be nice. I wrote my first Digital Nomads Guide about my second home town – Palermo. I’ve chosen Kuala Lumpur for my seventh guide because it’s one of Asia’s main visa run destinations. But it’s also a nice place to stay for a while, and it’s a shame that most digital nomads don’t even visit the city but instead stay at the airport hotel.

That’s why I chose to introduce you to this multi-cultural city that I have been happy to explore during my two stays. Even if you’re staying for just a few days, with this guide, you will be able to use that time to its fullest. You will learn about the best places to work, sleep and eat – and therefore have more time to do things that are more important than searching for those spots yourself.

Start reading now and get all the tips from my Kuala Lumpur experience!

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