The Frankfurt Guide for Digital Nomads

Piazza Santo Domenico

You are searching for a perfect spot for digital nomads in Europe?

I’ve got something for you:


This city in the heart of Germany is not only my home town but also offers everything we digital nomads need. Therefore, Megan C. Starr and I put together a guide for you that gives you all the information you need to have a blast in this German city.


General Information

Insider Information



In addition, you will find tons of information regarding the following topics:

Facts about Frankfurt

Why is Frankfurt historically and culturally an important place? You will learn about it in our Frankfurt Guide!

Useful General Information

In this chapter you will find a lot of information regarding currency, ATMs and prices, as well as about how to get to Frankfurt, how to get around in the city, and the (mobile) internet connection.

Where to Work?

Do you prefer coworking spaces, cafès or roof tops? In the Frankfurt Guide you will find all necessary information for your mobile workplace.

What and Where to Eat?

What do you eat in Frankfurt? There are many typical dishes of the region, that you should not miss!

Where to Stay?

Where is the best place to stay in Frankfurt? What kind of accommodation should you search for? We’ll tell you!

What to See?

What sights does Frankfurt have to offer? Where can you go to see something special? You will read about all this in our Frankfurt Guide!

Excerpt from the Book

I am Barbara Riedel, and I have been living as a digital nomad since 2014. As a travel blogger, I have moved many times in the last few years, and I am always searching for places to work, information about internet (Wi-Fi or mobile) and so on. That’s why I started a new category on my blog, Barbaralicious, called “digital nomad destinations.” These blog posts contain general information for digital nomads that enable a smooth start in a new country.

After writing these digital nomad destination posts for a while, I realized something more detailed would be nice. I wrote my first Digital Nomads Guide about my second home town – Palermo. After nine more guides about amazing places for digital nomads around the world, I’ve chosen to write the eleventh guide about the city where I grew up: Frankfurt. In my opinion, it’s a completely underrated city for digital nomads in Germany! With the help of this guide I would like to invite you to check it out yourself and feel the international vibe that comes from being home to one of Europe’s biggest airports and a renown center for fairs and exhibitions.

Furthermore, I want to introduce you to my co-author for this guide – Megan C. Starr. We wrote this guide together to give you more information about Frankfurt and even more places to check out from our combined experiences.

Start reading now and get all the tipps from Megan’s and my 30 years of Frankfurt experience!

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