City Guides for Digital Nomads

Did you ever go to a place as a digital nomad and you booked something random in advance because you were afraid of ending up sleeping in the street? Or did it take you forever to understand where you get cheap food? Or where to go to get stable and fast Wi-Fi?

Don’t worry! We have all been there! Really! But this time is over now!


Get my City Guide and you will know already before boarding the plane where to go, where to sleep and what to do in your free time!


General Information

Insider Information




In addition you will find tons of information regarding the following topics:


Facts About the Place

Get a bit of a general overview about the place: it’s all about history, location, locals!


Useful General Information

In this chapter you will find a lot of information regarding currency, ATMs and prices as well as about how to get to the place, how to get around in the city, about internet and safety.


Where to Work?

Do you prefer Coworking Spaces, Cafès or Roof Tops? You will find all necessary information for your mobile work place in my city guides.


What and Where to Eat?


Self-explanatory I think… What are the typical dishes and the best spots for food?


 Where to Stay?

Where is the best place to stay? What kind of place should you search for? I’ll tell you!


 What to See?

Where can go to see something special? Check out my guides to have a little overview about tourist spots as well!


Here is a list of all the places that I wrote about so far. But make sure to sign up for my newsletter to be up to date: Every month I publish a new guide!

*Next up: Singapore, Frankfurt, Budapest, Bucharest, Ubud (Bali), Saigon, Penang


Live Like a Local in Palermo

You are searching for a perfect spot for digital nomads in Europe?
I’ve got something for you:

Sicily’s capital has everything a digital nomad needs. That’s why I created this guide that is giving you all necessary information to have a blast in this Italian city!

Live Like a Local in Tarifa

You are searching for a perfect spot for digital nomads in Europe?
I’ve got something for you:

Tarifa is known as a digital nomad hotspot for quite a while! That’s why I decided to spend a month there in October 2016 to check out the digital nomad life there…

Live Like a Local in Las Palmas

You are searching for a perfect spot for digital nomads in Europe?
I’ve got something for you:


Gran Canaria is an island of ever-lasting spring. This is probably one of the reasons, why Las Palmas is on its way to become a real hotspot for digital nomads. That’s why I wrote this guide for you!

Live Like a Local in Dubai

You’re searching for the perfect winter getaway for digital nomads that is not too far from Europe?

Then I have a special tip for you today:


As a tax-free country, the UAE is already well-known among digital nomads. This is why I chose to write this guide, which is giving you all the necessary information so you will have a great time in Dubai!

Live Like a Local in Cabarete

You are searching for a cool spot for digital nomads in the Caribbean?

Then I’ve got something for you:

Cabarete in the Dominican Republic!

Cabarete is a nice town with many expats. Why is that? Because Cabarete is a real hotspot for watersports! Kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing is a normal activity here. If you want to combine your passion for watersports with you online work, then you should download the Cabarete Guide!

Live Like a Local in Canggu

Are you searching for a great place for digital nomads in South East Asia?
Then I recommend you to check out

Bali has been a nomad hotspot since the early days of digital nomadism. Now I spent one month in the beautiful city of Canggu and wrote a guide about it to make you have a smooth start into your nomad life in Bali!

Live Like a Local in Kuala Lumpur

Are you searching for a great place for digital nomads in South East Asia?
Then I recommend you to check out

The Malaysian capital is very often overseen by digital nomads. A weekend getaway for a visa run or in the worst case just a super short stop to get the possibility to return to the country where they came from. I think Kuala Lumpur is worth more!

Live Like a Local in Chiang Mai

Do you want to stay at THE place for digital nomads?
Then there is no way around:

Chiang Mai is located in the north of Thailand and I’m not exaggerating if I say that it’s the capital of digital nomads! You will find a strong community and many places to work from.