Cabarete Guide for Digital Nomads

Cabarete Guide for Digital Nomads


You are searching for a cool spot for digital nomads in the Caribbean?

Then I’ve got something for you:

Cabarete in the Dominican Republic!


Cabarete is a nice town with many expats. Why is that? Because Cabarete is a real hotspot for watersports! Kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing is a normal activity here. If you want to combine your passion for watersports with you online work, then you should download the Cabarete Guide!

General Information

Insider Information



In addition you will find tons of information regarding the following topics:


Facts about Cabarete


Why is Cabarete a cool spot for digital nomads? Read about it in my Cabarete Guide!


Useful general information


In this chapter you will find a lot of information regarding currency, ATMs and prices as well as about how to get to Cabarete, how to get around in the city and about internet.
Im Fresh Fresh


Where to Work?


Where to work in Cabarete? In the Cabarete Guide you will find all necessary information for your mobile work place.
Essen DomRep


Where to Eat?


Which restaurant shouldn’t you miss out? What about local food? I will tell you!


Where to stay?


Where is the best place to stay in Cabarete? What kind of place should you search for? Get the guide and you will have all necessary information!
Laguna Dudu


What to see?


Where can you go to see something special? What trips can I do? You will read about all this in my Cabarete Guide!


Excerpt from the Book


I am Barbara Riedel and I have been living as a digital nomad since 2014. Being a travel blogger made me move a lot in the last years, always searching for places to work, information about internet (Wi-Fi or mobile) and so on. That’s why I started the new category on my blog, Barbaralicious, called “digital nomad destinations”. The blog posts contain general information for digital nomads that enable them to have a smooth start in a new country.

After a while, I thought that something more detailed would be nice. I wrote my first Digital Nomads Guide about my second home town – Palermo. I chose Cabarete for my third guide because it’s a real hotspot for expats and digital nomads alike. It’s a great place to stay while it’s cold in Europe. Get some sun and live the Caribbean lifestyle!

Cabarete is additionally a great place for all kinds of watersports, but most of all for kitesurfing. If you are searching for a place where you can live your passion and work at the same time while being in a great tropical environment, you should come and check out this laidback town in the North of the Dominican Republic.


Start reading now and get all the tips from my Cabarete experience!

Cabarete Photo Guide

Free Cabarete Photo Guide

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