Best Relaxing and Recharging Places to Visit around Sydney

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Sydney is an enormous cobweb of streets filled with art, culture, and, ultimately, life. It’s a digital nomad’s paradise, a globetrotter’s dream destination and essentially, everything you could ever wish for in a city. But we are only human and sometimes, we simply get tired of the concrete jungle and need a breath of fresh air to relax and unwind and get back to work with renewed energy. Luckily, the surroundings of Sydney are just as interesting as the city itself, and those looking for a quiet getaway don’t have to travel far to find themselves in a completely different world. Here are some of the best recharging places around Sydney perfect for a day trip or a weekend getaway.

Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay Australia Sydney

If for you, nothing screams relaxation more than secluded, white sand beaches, you’ll be happy to hear that you don’t have to go too far to find exactly that. The crystal clear waters of Jervis Bay south of Wollongong will make you feel like you’ve traveled to a magical island that has the whitest sand on Earth. Lying on the beach and taking a dip in the beautiful turquoise water should be your number one priority: choose one of the several must-see beaches, soak up the sun and take loads of enviable photos! In the unlikely scenario that you’ve had enough of the refreshing water, you can also tackle the White Sands Walk that is a grade 3 track perfect for families too!

Hunter Valley

About two hours from the hustle and bustle, you can find yourself surrounded by a quiet, relaxing environment in the Hunter Region. Not only is this region spectacular with vast open fields and mountains in the distance, but it is also a gourmet’s hotspot. Given that this area is one of the most famous Australian wine regions, there is a great choice of Hunter Valley wine tours that combine two of the best things: relaxation and good wine. But even between the tastings and exquisite dinners, you will find plenty of activities to enjoy that will make you forget about your unfinished tasks back home. Go for a hot air balloon flight, book a relaxing massage or walk around the beautiful Hunter Valley Gardens; the choice is yours.

Royal National Park

Even closer to the city, lying just at the foot of the southern edges of Sydney, you can find the absolutely underrated Royal National Park. If you know a thing or two about Australia’s many national parks, you can probably assume that this one is just as spectacular as the rest; towering cliffs and breathtaking seascapes await those who want to unwind in nature and enjoy a barbecue, a picnic or even bushwalking with plenty of tracks to choose from. Note that the famous Wedding Cake Rock can be found in this national park too so don’t miss out on it if you’re there! Fauna lovers might want to keep their eyes open as they walk through the forest paths as many bird species hide among the trees, as well as little furballs including sugar gliders, possums and wallabies. Even if you’re not big on trekking, you can be at ease as there are plenty of facilities nearby for everyone’s comfort.

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains Sydney

Another natural gem found in the close vicinity of Sydney is Blue Mountains National Park. Especially recommended to active travelers for whom there is nothing more relaxing than exploring nature on foot, Blue Mountains have some impressive peaks and many walking trails, so everyone can find one that is suitable to them. Some of the most notable attractions include the Three Sisters – a true landmark of the region that is surrounded by an interesting Aboriginal legend. Besides these almost a kilometer tall rock formations, make sure you don’t miss out on the Jenolan caves – which are the world’s oldest caves and the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden to see some colorful flora!

Port Stephens

port stephens

Port Stephens is another excellent short trip from Sydney just north of Newcastle, with relaxing sceneries and a variety of activities to choose from. No less than 26 beaches are at your disposal if you want to have a bit of water fun, and rest assured, you will not get bored, as Port Stephens is home to 150 playful bottlenose dolphins you can see by taking a cruise or even join in the water if you’re adventurous enough and go for a Dolphin Swim tour. Besides the playful little mammals, you can also see their bigger friends, humpback whales, that are migrating between May and November in the region. To rest and properly recharge after such adventures, drop by some of the excellent restaurants and have a bit of seafood by the water.

Australia has both amazing cities and breathtaking natural sights, all next to each other, so you don’t have to venture too far to enjoy the serenity of greenery all around you. Whether you are a seaside fan or you want to walk through lush forests, you have plenty of choices around Sydney that will not disappoint!

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