Best Exotic Destinations for Your Next Digital Nomad Adventure

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A question that often crosses the mind of those locally independent is – where should I go next? Bucket list destinations for digital nomads usually depend on three important aspects: beautiful scenery, low living costs, and high-speed internet. The world has become nomad-friendly even in the most unlikely regions, so heading off to the adventure with a laptop has never been easier. However, some destinations are better than others, so here is the list of best exotic places in the world where you’ll have good working conditions while having best possible work-life balance.


#1 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Formerly known as Saigon, this place in Southeast Asia became a top destination for digital nomads. Ho Chi Minh is a South Vietnamese gem that never sleeps and a dynamic city with intriguing history and culture. Main advantages are a good internet and low living expenses that attract online entrepreneurs in the first place. Free Wifi is available at almost every café. Best time to visit is from December through April (which is the dry and sometimes unbearably hot season). History lovers will enjoy a visit to the War Remnants History, while others will have the chance to enjoy life, great food, and good nightlife at seriously affordable prices.

Best Exotic Destinations for Your Next Digital Nomad Adventure – Ho Chi Minh City

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

A great place to be at if you wish to live close to the beach, dive in the ocean or explore ancient Mayan ruins. There are a lot of coworking spaces with high-speed internet and what is more important, it has a lot of potentials when it comes to welcoming the army of digital nomads. Warm climate, friendly people, and great food are some of the rewards of visiting Playa del Carmen. Costs of living are quite inexpensive, but only if you manage to stay away from the tourist hot spots like 5th Avenue where prices can be extremely high. Also, although many perceive Mexico as an unsafe place, Playa del Carmen is safe and welcoming for all.

Best Exotic Destinations for Your Next Digital Nomad Adventure – Playa del Carmen

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

A thriving touristic town with a big expat and digital nomad community. However, the charm of this place goes beyond tourism and partying, since only a few blocks away from the center you will find an authentic local environment and easy going locals. Plenty of things to do in Puerto Viejo, whether surfing, hanging with other nomads or finding a secluded place to chill and get inspired. Although there are no many co-working spaces, most of the cafes and bars are nomad-friendly. Living expenses are low while the way of life here is unique. Needless to mention the stunning nature and wildlife that is a stone’s throw away.

Best Exotic Destinations for Your Next Digital Nomad Adventure – Puerto Viejo

Ubud, Bali

Aside from being a top tourist destination, Bali is true heaven for mobile freelancers, due to the increased nomad friendliness. Growing number of co-working spaces, decent internet speed, and the fairy-like scenery is what attracts people from around the world. Life here is ridiculously cheap compared to first world standards. Look for reasonable Bali rentals where you may get lucky with affordable accommodation that can even include swimming pool and staff. Hanging in wonderful beaches, hiking through rainforests, and visiting ancient temples are the perfect way to spend leisure time in Bali. Also, keep in mind to visit during the dry season.

Best Exotic Destinations for Your Next Digital Nomad Adventure – Ubud

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Although Thailand is an established mecca for digital nomads, still, there is no harm in reminding about it again. Koh Phangan is an island famous for full moon parties, but keep in mind that such events occur only once a month, while the rest of the time this a quiet and peaceful place packed with yoga studios and restaurants suitable for vegetarians. Great place for catching up on work and for a laid-back lifestyle. Anyone looking for affordable accommodation, good Wi-Fi and undisturbed working by the sea should visit Koh Phangan.

Best Exotic Destinations for Your Next Digital Nomad Adventure – Koh Phangan

Taghazout, Morocco

Taghazout is a somewhat a new destination for digital nomads given that community is rather small and there is no lot of co-working spaces. Also, African internet can be unreliable including occasional power cuts. However, an increasing number of people is traveling there to experience the Moroccan lifestyle and to surf, due to the perfect surfing conditions. Even though everything may seem like a struggle, starting from finding an internet connection to the fact that there are no ATMs over there, remember that it is a good place to work and chill since it is cheap, warm and more than interesting. You can do yoga, visit Hammam or explore Paradise Valley (mountain pools).

Best Exotic Destinations for Your Next Digital Nomad Adventure – Taghazout


Since bare necessities for digital nomads are few but inevitable, they tend to travel beaten paths, to ensure ongoing work dynamics. Still, sometimes it can pay off to dare and explore routes less traveled since you can discover your new dreamland.


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