Bangkok – City of Angels

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Not only Los Angeles is called The City of Angels, but also the Thai capital Bangkok – at least the Thai call it by that name. I arrived at the early evening at the airport and made my way to the hostel. Changed trains once and the rest of the way by Tuk Tuk. Not that hard! But with almost 40 degrees Celsius, the 15kg on my back seemed a lot heavier than they did back in autumnal Australia. And I already realized – when people talk about Thais being friendly, they are definitely not exaggerating! Even if they don’t understand you, they always put a smile on their faces! If you know me well, then you also know that I love warm temperatures! I just love the sun and temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. Only then I feel really comfortable.! My first day in Bangkok, however, was apparently the hottest day in the last 55 years – 46 degrees Celsius in the shade. Even I got a little uncomfortable then… During the day, it was bearable though. I got a Tuk Tuk and for around 3 EUR the driver took me to all the important attractions for the next four hours. Tuk_Tuk

Tempel in Bangkok

Tempeldach in Bangkok

In Bangkok that means visiting countless temples with hardly pronounceable names and even more Buddha statues (big, small, chubby, skinny, standing, lying down).

At the end, the Tuk Tuk driver took me to Golden Mount – a small hill with a temple on top. You can reach it via a circular step that leads you around the hill. From there, you have a fantastic panorama of Bangkok.

Ausblick_vom_Golden_MountClimbing up the stairs and staying on the scorching hot rooftop for a few minutes finally finished me off – it was just too hot. I wanted to get back to the hostel. However, I soon realized that a room without an AC wasn’t the best place to spend your time on this day. The air was so hot, I could barely breath. So I waited in the shade outside the hostel until 11 pm, enjoyed the atmosphere and planned moving into an air-conditioned room (definitely worth the 3 EUR more!). The next day, I got a private tour! One of my followers from Barbaralicious volunteered as guide when he saw that I arrived in Bangkok.Timo_und_Ich_auf_der_Khao_San_RoadWe took the ferry along the Chao Phraya River up to the kings palace.
Unterwegs_mit_der_Fähre_in_Bangkok Because of the unbelievable masses of people – that you normally never notice in this kind of metropolis – and the entrance fee of 15 EUR we decided to marvel at it from the outside and continue our ferry trip until the final station.Der_KönigspalastFrom there, we took the Skytrain until the Siam Paragon Mall, also called “The pride of Bankgok”. On the ground level, you will find a lot of food stands and you can eat your way through Thai cuisine buffet-style. The biggest advantage – you know the food is clean and hygienic here. Siam_Paragon

We spent the rest of the evening in the illustrious China Town and finally on Khao San Road. 


Khao San Road

Whoever is brave enough to try fried maggots, scorpions or other bugs can get them here. And if you’re looking for souvenirs, new beach clothes or simply a beer with live music, this is the right address.


What do you think? Too much “hustle and bustle” or rather a lot of fun? Leave a comment!

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