Abraham Hostels – Traveling Israel has never been easier!

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I find Israel relatively easy to travel. Almost everyone speaks English, the infrastructure is good and the country is generally very tourist-friendly. For those who still had doubts whether they could find their way around a country where you can’t read the street signs – unless you know Hebrew – or were afraid of being stuck in a country that is located in the middle of a conflict area, Abraham Hostels now offers the done-for-you solution!

Abraham Hostels

The Name

The founders were inspired by none other than Abraham, the father of monotheism. He was the first person who is known to have traveled the Middle East. Known for his hospitality, he shared his bread with everyone who asked for it. The same hospitality will be offered to the travelers at Abraham Hostels.

The Hostels

Abraham Hostels currently consists of three hostels: one in Jerusalem, one in Tel Aviv, and one in Nazareth. The nice thing is that the hostels are connected to each other and you can easily travel back and forth between them.

Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

The first hostel of the chain opened its doors in 2010. What began with six dorms and a handful of single rooms is now established with 75 rooms and 285 beds in the heart of Jerusalem. 15 minutes walk to the Old Town and 5 minutes to Mahane Yehuda Market. The hostel is not only perfect for exploring the Holy City, but also other parts of the country and beyond the region. Tours go into the desert, to the Dead Sea and especially to the West Bank. You can also take a trip to Petra in Jordan from here.

Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv

Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv Lounge

From the experience in Jerusalem, the founders of Abraham Hostel opened a new one in Tel Aviv. Trendy and hip with an emphasis on nightlife, but also culture, the location offers a place to sleep and to get to know the traditions to 390 people in 90 rooms. In addition, to pub crawl and concerts, Hebrew classes, daily yoga and the Shabbat Dinner on Fridays are also on the schedule.

Fauzi Azar Inn Nazareth

Fauzi Azar Inn Nazareth

The Fauzi Azar has opened in 2005 but was integrated into the chain much later. It is located in an old Arab villa in the middle of the old town of Nazareth with an enchanting courtyard. It lies directly on the so-called Jesus Trail – a walking route that lets you follow Jesus’ footsteps. At least that’s what the advertising campaign says. The trail leads over kilometers from Nazareth to Capernaum.

Abraham Tours

Abraham Tours – Barbara in Rosh Hanikra

An important part of the concept of Abraham Hostel is the tours. The beds are cheap so that travelers can spend their money on more important things: getting to know and exploring Israel and the region. Tours are not only available all over the country, but also to the West Bank, aka. Palestine, Jordan, and Egypt. I think I’ve been on at least 80 percent of the tours and I loved them all. The great thing about the tours is not only that you get to know the places, but also the people. Locals play a central role in this concept. Whether it’s a visit to a winery or a local oil press. Every tour has that certain something that connects travelers to the local population.

By the way, you can also book the tours if you have chosen another accommodation like Airbnb*. I can definitely recommend them!


The Shuttle Service

If you have stayed in one of the Abraham Hostels and would like to go to one of the other two cities, you can use the hotel’s shuttle service. It goes from door to door of the hostels. You can go somewhere else when you get there. So the shuttle is not only usable if you stay at both cities in an Abraham Hostel.

My Final Thoughts

Abraham Hostels offer you an ideal all-in-one solution. If you either don’t have so much experience in solo travel and would like a little more support or if you just don’t want to do a lot of planning yourself… In any case, Abraham Hostels offers you an ideal starting point to relax and explore this country, which is so different from anything else I traveled to while getting to know the local people a bit.

Deine Barbara

PS: This post was realized with the support of Abraham Hostels. I did not receive any financial compensation for this contribution but was invited to stay at the hostels. My opinion remains uninfluenced by this collaboration and is my own.


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