Hello and Welcome!

I am Barbara, 31 years old and I made traveling – my biggest passion – my job! I travel as a digital nomad which means that I work online and am therefore location independent.

How did Barbaralicious start?

I always wanted to write. Publishing a book was my biggest dream. That’s why, in 2013, a friend of mine suggested me to start a blog. I immediately started to search on Google how that works and created Barbaralicious that very same day. In the beginning, I wrote just for fun but, after a while, it became more serious and just half a year later, I relaunched Barbaralicious to make it more professional and earn money with it.

Around the same time, in October 2014, I finished my Master’s degree and started my life as a digital nomad with a trip around the world.

The translator and interpreter

In 2011 I did a Magister (which is kind of a German Master’s degree) in Italian, Spanish and Latinamerican Philology and in 2014 a Master’s degree in Conference Interpreting and Legal Translations. Since 2008 I am freelancing as a translator and interpreter and specialized now in tourism and culture. This is my website: The Travelling Translator.


The Zumba® Instructor and Kizomba Dancer

In 2012 I did my training to become a Zumba® Instructor and had up to 16 hours a week. In June 2013 I did the license for Aqua Zumba® and in March 2014 for Zumba® Step. Unfortunately, I had to stop all my courses before going on my trip around the world. On the road I still did some trainings: Zumba® Gold (in Buenos Aires) and Zumba® Toning (in New York City).

In 2017 then, I discovered my passion for Kizomba – an Angolan couple dance, which is giving me the balance I need to stay focused and go on creating content.


The Blogger

In December 2013 I started Barbaralicious just for fun. I had no plans for it and didn’t even know that it’s possible to earn money with blogging. I just wanted to write. Half a year later I read about the digital nomad lifestyle for the first time. In October 2014 I relaunched the blog. Today I am writing for Barbaralicious and many other blogs as guest author and give talks about being a professional blogger.


The Author

In September 2015 I published my first book My Trip Around the World – A Dream Come True in which I am writing about the ups and downs of traveling the world alone. In November I published no. 2: Traveling on a Low Budget. My third book is called Travel Solo. All three have been translated in several languages.

In 2016, I started my series of City Guides for Digital Nomads that has 12 volumes now (December 2017) and will have 50 more that I will create with the help of co-authors in 2018.

Check out all my books here: Barbara Riedel @ Amazon.

Barbara mit ihrem MacBook auf Reisen