8 Photo Spots in Dubai – My Favorite Places For Awesome Pictures

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Photo spots in Dubai

When I was house sitting in Dubai, I wanted to find some great locations for photos. Unfortunately, when I did some research I couldn’t really find any. I found awesome photos with breathtaking views… But nobody wrote about where the photo was taken. That’s why it was important to me to write about my 8 favorite photo spots in Dubai, that you will be able to find easily!


#1 Il Faro

Il Faro* is a quite new restaurant with a lounge in the very beginning of The Palm. Not only the food is amazing here (try the seafood!), but the view is simply incredible. If you’re lucky (which I wasn’t) and the weather is fine, you will even see the Burj Khalifa.

Photo Spots in Dubai – From Il Faro Restaurant and Lounge

Photo Spots in Dubai – From Il Faro Restaurant and Lounge

Photo Spots in Dubai – From Il Faro Restaurant and Lounge


#2 Dubai Fountains

One of my favorite places were the Dubai Fountains* with an unbelievable view on the tallest building in the world  – Burji Khalifa*. They have a fountain show every day between 6 PM and 10 PM playing every 30 minutes for 3 minutes.

Photo Spots in Dubai – From Dubai Fountains


#3 The Skyline From The Palm

To get this amazing view of the skyline you have to drive up the entire Palm and take a left. Drive to the end of the road and you will find yourself at the same point where I took this photo. It will take you between 15 and 20 minutes to get there. Take a taxi or an uber. The best way though is to rent a car in Dubai!

Photo Spots in Dubai – Dubai Skyline from The Palm


#4 Hotel La Ville

The Hotel La Ville* is located directly behind the City Walk of Dubai and has a rooftop with a stunning view over the Burj Khalifa*. YOu should definitely put on your to do list to get a drink up there and enjoy the view!

Photo Spots in Dubai – Burj Khalifa from the Hotel La Ville


#5 Burji al Arab

Burj al Arab* is one of the most expensive buildings in the world. And with its shape of a sail one of the most beautiful ones, as well. It’s located on a small island right in front of Dubais coastal line. Unfortunately, it’s not allowed anymore to get in without a booking. But still: For me this building is a symbol of adventures and discovering new places. Can you relate to this feeling? I took this photo from the street. Most people go straight to the entrance to the island – as far as it’s allowed to go. But for me, the palms were much nicer than the street… So, sometimes you have to take a step back. If you want to read more tips for travel photography, just click here.

Photo Spots in Dubai – Burj Al Arab


#6 CityWalk

The City Walk is a mall very close to Burj Khalifa. It’s a great place, not only to do some shopping in Dubai, but as well to take stunning photos! Buildings made of glass, huge palm trees and graffitis will reward you. A perfect photo spot in Dubai, if you want to take a picture of something else than skyscrapers.

Photo Spots in Dubai – City Walk

Photo Spots in Dubai – City Walk

Photo Spots in Dubai – City Walk


#7 Monorail

I love every kind of funicular or small trains that have panorama windows with a great view. That’s why the Monorail of Dubai was very high on my list of things to do. But, I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. It’s not really worth 15 AED (4 Euro). The windows are colored and super small, you can’t get off in between the first and the last stop, and there is not really a possibility to get an awesome shot. Still I got one photo that I like! To get it you have to go to the front of the Monorail (or when returning, to the back), because that’s the only place with bigger windows. Then you will have this frontal view of the Hotel Atlantis The Palm*.

Photo Spots in Dubai – Hotel Atlantis from the Monorail

#8 Dubai Marina

Water, yachts and skyscrapers… What else are you searching for to take a breathtaking photo? That’s way this place needs to be part of my list of my favorite 8 photo spots in Dubai: the Dubai Marina!  If you want to get exactly this shot: This is right on the other side of the street of the Marriott Hotel (which has a bar quite high that technically offers a view over The Palm – unfortunately my photos were not really good, so I decided to not add it to the list).

Photo Spots in Dubai – Dubai Marina

Those were my favorite spots to take amazing photos in Dubai! Actually, I heard that the Madinat Souk is another place with many photo spots, but I didn’t find the time to go there!

Which one of my favorite photo spots in Dubai did you like most?

Yours Barbara

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