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My Trip Around the World – A Dream Come True

Do you already know “My Trip Around the World – A Dream Come True”? If you like my blog, you will love my book or ebook. And it’s finally available in English, too!

8 Months – 13 Countries – 4 Continents

“My Trip Around the World – A Dream Come True” is about the ups and downs of my trip around the world. I tell you how I collected miles for about five years only to get a Round the World Ticket. This made me travel for eight months to 13 countries on four continents. The book is for globetrotters, travel fans and everybody who wants to become one. Let me take you on a trip to South America, North America, Oceania and Asia!

Meine Weltreise – Ein Traum wird wahr

Barbara Riedel

Hi, awesome to have you here! My name is Barbara Riedel, I am an Interpreter & Translator, Zumba® Instructor, Blogger and Author! On Barbaralicious I am trying to combine all my passions: for traveling, writing and languages. I am completely addicted to traveling and normally I am alone when I hit the road. I love to be able to speak my different languages, to learn more and to explore new countries and cultures.

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How About Tasmania – 6 Great Places to Discover

If you’ve ever longed for the ultimate escape but have yet to find the destination that would be perfect for it, the sunny continent of Australia might have the answer for you. In fact, its smallest state at the very bottom of the world map, Tasmania, is an...

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A Digital Nomad in the Heart of Europe: Prague Edition

GUEST POST ON A DIGITAL NOMAD IN THE HEART OF EUROPE: PRAGUE EDITION BY REBECCA BROWN Prague is a city quite unlike any other, a rare example of the perfect blend of history and 21st-century life. If you’re embracing the nomadic style of working and living, it should...

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Israel for Digital Nomads

    Facts About Israel Israel lies on the Mediterranean Sea and borders Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, the West Bank, and Gaza. It was proclaimed a representative democracy in 1948. Geographically it belongs to the Middle East, while geologically it is still part of Africa....

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Abraham Hostels – Traveling Israel has never been easier!

ADVERTISEMENT – UNPAID – COLLABORATION I find Israel relatively easy to travel. Almost everyone speaks English, the infrastructure is good and the country is generally very tourist friendly. For those who still had doubts whether they could find their way around a...

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